Thursday, May 26, 2016

White Bedside tables - French Style

I picked these lovely bedside tables up from a lady in Point Piper. She had a divine french style chest of drawers for sale also but wanted a ridiculously high price (and it needed a lot of work) so I passed. I can see on Ebay that the drawers are still for sale months later and the price is steadily being lowered. I may be in luck yet :)

These bedsides were a disgusting dirty yellow but offer great storage and are a beautiful shape. I gave them a very good scrub with soap and water, a thorough sanding to remove all flaking varnish, two coats of Zinsser BIN and then three coats of white, and then a top coat for durability. It's always a lot of work to paint with white. I used a lovely Porters Paints white for these and I am really happy with the colour and finish.

White painted Bedsides by Lilyfield Life

White painted Bedsides by Lilyfield Life

White painted Bedsides by Lilyfield Life

I can't find a before photo but seriously they were very grubby and dingy. One of those pieces that you momentarily think why did I buy these but then you remember the magic of white paint.
These have sold but I do have a great pair of large bedsides coming up next week.

Fiona xx


  1. These are so beautiful Fiona, well done!

  2. Omg I think I would have bought these and paid
    For them to be bought down to
    Melbourne... Absolutely love the tray thingy
    That I could put my cuppa tea on.. As I
    Spend slot of time o. My bed in pain.. Jenn xx

  3. Love the unique curved cutout area. You gave them new life!

    1. Thank you - they needed a refresh badly 


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