Thursday, June 9, 2016

A little antiqued French Cabinet

I am always practicing my painting skills and trying to learn new ones in order to take my painted furniture to the next level. I want to try using more glazes and layering so when a piece needs a less-clean look, I can make it look authentic. I have been experimenting with different paints, glazes and waxes in order to achieve this effect. 

This beautiful French cupboard was already painted when I bought it but it was very rough and there were drips everywhere. I gave it a very good sand and then got started painting. I'm thrilled with how it turned out. How beautiful are the carved details.

I think these colours together are just delicious and will be definitely using them again. I am already using this mix on a gorgeous tall cocktail cabinet that I'm hoping to finish later today.

Just after I had finished it a friend dropped in to pick up his boys who I mind on Tuesdays after school and he kept saying to me "but you didn't paint this did you? it's from 300 years ago?" so I think I must have got the aging and antiquing right :)

Even though I'd like to be able to make furniture look a lot more antiqued and "grungier" maybe I can feel a bit less dissatisfied with my skill level :)

If you want more information on glazes and antiquing I have a few blog posts here that might help:

Fiona xx


  1. I think it looks great with that paint job.

    1. Fiona, may I ask the two Annie Sloan colors used? Thku!

  2. Fiona, do you think you will ever be happy with your skill level or is it more of a process of learning which we should never try to stop working on...that has got to be good for you and your brain? I think with anything that you do by hand you are always more critical of yourself than others would be...sometimes perfection isn't what is required or even asked for! Although I don't think we stop trying to achieve that and I think that can only be a good thing! I love how this cabinet turned out and the quality of your painting is something I would love to achieve!

  3. I agree with Di! To me painting of your quality is something I cannot imagine achieving - I'm still frightened of distressing - paint and clear wax is about as far as I've gotten so far! Thinking about trying white wax on some Napoleon Blue since it is reversible...


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