Thursday, August 4, 2016

American navy blue serpentine drawers

navy blue painted serpentine drawers by Lilyfield Life

I finished these drawers last week and was just so happy with how they turned out. I can be fairly critical of my own work but I was thrilled with the finish and even sheen on these. 

To be honest I could have easily sold these unpainted as they only needed a really good polish and a few touch ups but I had a customer see them while she was picking up other furniture and she fell in love with them and asked for them to be navy.

Looks like 12 drawers but it's actually 9 as the bottom row is double depth which offers wonderful storage for bulky items.

This gorgeous dresser comes with such an interesting history. The man I bought it from was the finance advisor for the Australian embassy in Washington DC in the 80's. Because he was so senior, he and his wife were allocated a huge beautiful house filled with lovely furniture. When they returned to Australia, they were offered the furniture as well. Who could say no? Fast forward many years, they are now downsizing and along I came with my trusty paintbrush and some beautiful navy blue paint. 

navy blue painted serpentine drawers by Lilyfield Life

I only have a few bad photos of this as found the navy quite hard to captrue in my relatively dark studio. These drawers are quite big and high - 1.6m long). They looks smaller in the photo above 

navy blue painted serpentine drawers by Lilyfield Life

The brass handles came up beautifully with some polish - I love the brass against the navy. Very ambassadorial - so fitting for this pieces history.

navy blue painted serpentine drawers by Lilyfield Life

Pieces like this are hard for me to let go of. We actually have the matching nightstands to this (that I bought from a guy from New York and painted white years ago). Sasha says she wants her own house so she can furnish it all with my work. My own little fan club :) Although I never want her to move out of home.

navy blue painted serpentine drawers by Lilyfield Life

I thought I'd also share my orchids that are now blooming. These were my mum's and before that my grandfathers. 'They are now over 50 years old and I have such beautiful memories of my grandad pottering in his orchid house. So grateful they are still blooming.  there are lots more fronds about to burst so i think it's going to be a good year for them.

Have a good day.
Fiona xx


  1. Stunning - clever you
    Beth xx

  2. What paint brand and color are these? They are gorgeous!!!!

    1. thanks - it's a local brand i use specifically for my business.

  3. The navy and gold were the perfect choice for this piece. Did you happen to notice who the manufacturer of the dresser was? It looks like it might be made by Drexel or Baker or maybe Henredon? Not that it matters, really...I'm just nosy! :)


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