Tuesday, August 9, 2016

French Console and Adding Patina

Good morning! I've been up early this morning as Sasha is sick - I suspect it's tonsillitis and will take her to the doctor this morning. Poor girl. She's so uncomplaining and lovely even when feverish and in pain.  I wish I could say she gets it from me :)

Adding patina to painted furniture for a french look by Lilyfield Life

I finished this little French console yesterday. I'm very happy with how it turned out. I wanted to get a similar finish to an old french console that I saw recently. That old European patina that you see - it sometimes looks like burnished stone even.

adding old world french patina to furniture Lilyfield Life

I used a pale taupe chalk paint for the base coats and then added layers of clear and dark wax and white chalk paint to add patina. Loosely highlighting areas that were raised to add dimensions.  I am really happy with the end result.

Here are some tutorials I wrote about adding patina

adding old world french patina to furniture Lilyfield Life

The console is sold pending but drop me a line if you are interested.

adding old world french patina to furniture Lilyfield Life

On the weekend we celebrated my niece's 18th birthday at my sisters. I thought these photos were pretty to share. 

Well I had better coffee up for the day ahead. Hope you have a good one (and the my girl gets better)
Fiona xx


  1. Fiona, well done on another beautiful piece. Your skills are amazing. Hope your daughter is better soon. Beth xx

  2. Loving your sisters gold outdoor chairs..don't happen to know the brand/designer do you? I suspect they're mid century modern but would be perfect for an area I'm designing. I do hope Sasha is better soon. Terrible stuff tonsilitis :-(

    1. Thanks Susan, it's just the afternoon sunlight making them look gold. They are white metal. Very old. She would have picked them
      Up in a junk shop somewhere :) sorry no help

  3. Your sisters place looks lovely! Hoping your gorgeous gal is feeling better xx


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