Friday, September 9, 2016

A gentleman's press, a console and my antiques booth

On Wednesday I was home all day and managed to finish several pieces. I love a day when I don't have to run around too much and can get some productive hours in of painting.

I finished this lovely fitted gentleman's press. I adore cupboards like this with either shelves or drawers inside or a mix like this one. I painted the exterior in a lovely taupe that I mixed using ASCP French Linen, Paris grey and white. The drawers I painted in a seafoamy duck egg that I mixed from ASCP Duck Egg, Louis Blue and White. The hardware on this piece in lovely. The handles lie very flat so the doors shut nicely.

I also painted a sweet vintage demi lune console. These are always a lovely addition to a room with a bowl of flowers on them or an ornament.

I was talking to a friend this week about how I got started as a furniture painter and shared with her these photos of my booth in an antiques centre that I got asked to be in when I was just starting out. These are some of my first painted pieces. Claire said it looks like my house - what can i say; my style is my style :)

The antiques centre was literally at the end of my street and I just loved having a booth there. Unfortunately the guy who ran it was quite dodgy and it eventually went into receivership. A lot of people had trouble getting their stock but. I'd already seen the writing on the wall and had given up my space. I was selling most of my stuff here on my blog anyway. (Thank you to you lovely customers and readers). I wonder if anyone who is reading today has been here this long?
Fiona xx 


  1. I've been following you for a long time Fiona but didn't realise you had a booth. It looks fantastic. I can understand your disappointment to give it up. Some lovely pieces that you have finished this week also.

  2. i remember so many of those pieces!!!!! so fun to look back! love this new press, too! great colors!

  3. Catching up on some reading this afternoon & I can definitely remember this space!! Your Melb trip sounded lovely btw xx


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