Monday, September 26, 2016

A Modern Black Console - mixing it up.

Good morning. It's school holidays here and I've no school lunches to pack and no children to get out the door (well I have the children till but they can sleep in) so I'm sitting down with my coffee to write a blog post in my quiet house.

Modern timber console painted jet black chalk paint by Lilyfield Life

This black console table was picked up yesterday. While it is much more modern than a lot of my pieces, I really liked it. I was actually surprised by how many people said "that's not Lilyfield Life!". Even my sister commented. When I bought it, the timber was very dark and the mahogany Balinese stain was very marked. I stripped and sanded to top back to raw timber and waxed it until it was silky smooth. A friend who also paints furniture felt the top and said "wow it is so smooth". I know its hard to tell when buying and viewing on the internet but my finishes are always extremely smooth and silky and you won't feel brush marks or any roughness. I love sanding and love a smooth finish.

Modern timber console painted jet black chalk paint by Lilyfield Life

For the base I used a jet black chalk paint, two coats and then top coated with clear wax. Phil and I both loved this console more than we expected to. It looked great here at the bottom of our staircase. The buyers were very happy with it.

Modern timber console painted jet black chalk paint by Lilyfield Life

Always good to do something a little different.

I also have a lovely timber MCM style chest of drawers for sale. 
These gorgeous campaign drawers have been buffed and polished and the timber looks beautiful. There is some splitting between a couple planks of teak but I have used melding brackets internally to rejoin them so it is all solid and secure. Splits aren't particularly noticeable. Solid timber and drawers on timber sliders. Brass hardware and mounted campaign corners.
90w x 46d x 74hcm
Pickup Lilyfield

MCM Campaign drawers by Lilyfield Life

Hope you have a good day. It looks like it's going to be a lovely one
Fiona x

Modern timber console painted jet black chalk paint by Lilyfield Life


  1. Well i love it and who says you cant have a little change here and there to your usual things. I am crazy about black at the moment and would have bought this from you - will keep a look out for other black things.... have a lovely holiday, you sooooo deserve it.

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