Sunday, October 2, 2016

Holidays and horse riding

Hi everyone, I had a lot of trouble trying to upload this post from my phone but when I wrote it , it was Sunday night, so here goes's Sunday night, we are all relaxed after a gorgeous weekend staying in a lovely apartment in Melbourne for the weekend. We just had Phil's sister over for dinner (roast chicken and vegies) and the kids are now reading in bed and we are relaxing in the quiet. Divine.

We found a great apartment on AirBNB and we will definitely come again. It was comfortable and well stocked. The guy Ed has thought of everything. How beautiful is it.  The link is at the bottom of this post if you are looking for a lovely place to stay in Melbourne. Mention Lilyfield Life for a 10% discount. 

This house across the road is amazing. I love the duck egg blue window trim. I never would have thought of that as a good trim colour but I love it against the grey. 

We had a nice little morning routine with a walk in the botanic gardens followed by coffee from EntrecĂ´te - all we were missing is our dog Charlie :(

On the way to Melbourne the kids and I spent a few nights in Bright (as we drove down and Phil flew). I took the kids horse riding for a day at Bogong horse adventures and we all loved it (although my legs are still a bit sore). It was definitely a high light of the trip.

The ground was so wet and the horses spent a lot of time wading through puddles - but the lovely thing was that the countryside was just so green. It's actually the greenest I've ever seen it. Even the Hume highway was beautiful and lush. And it was lovely to see my kids enjoying the ride so much and managing their horse so well. I was a proud mum. 

There's nothing like a holiday to rest and relax and make you feel inspired to start work again. I have a couple of pieces to paint this week but won't fully get back into it all until the kids are back at school. 

Enjoy your Sunday night xx

Ed's place in South Yarra is here

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