Friday, October 7, 2016

Magic of paint, recent pieces and happiness xx

I don't know why I love furniture painting so much - the whole process really thrills me: finding a piece I can see potential in, making repairs and often having to be Macgyver and work out how to fix something, coming up with a design or colour scheme, mixing the paint, the actual painting, sanding ...sanding ...I really lovely sanding ...finishing with wax and glazes...staging for photos and selling then meeting my customers and hearing their stories.  I really love every single part of it. 

I recently had a message from a reader Vicki who has started painting after finding me on facebook and she said "I must say seeing all of your work inspired me. I will never be as good as you but I have such a passion for transforming things now, so thank you". I don't think it matters how good you are, I think it matters how happy you are. 

I think that humans are meant to be productive - makers of things and producing physical items with our hands - whether its gardening, sewing, cooking or painting furniture having a productive hobby (or business) is very satisfying for your soul.

Here's a few recent makeovers:

These were lovely low Art Deco drawers but the old finish was quite dry and damaged so I sanded them down till they were nice and smooth and painted them in a lovely custom mix turquoise. I also replaced the handles with these nice chrome cup handles. These have sold and are being used in a cute little boy's bedrooms. 

This Balinese drawers below also received a custom mix of turquoise paint. A different mix to above but lush and deep. I really love this colour.

I found some lovely vintage style handles while I was away road tripping. As soon as I got home this afternoon I decided to try them out on these drawers. I love them on it. Originally I had crystal handles. 

Balinese chest of drawers so never quite perfect but all drawers slide easily and a gorgeous pop of color for your home. These would look fantastic in a kid's bedroom.
84w x 90h x 44d cm 

I also have available this lovely vintage French chest of drawers. I have painted this in a custom green grey mix (Annie Sloan) that i think really does justice to this old piece. Very authentic. I had a friend say she's seen a very similar piece in a book on french furniture.

AVAILABLE: This is a divine vintage French oak chest of drawers that I have slaved over. Lots of care, time and a steady hand required for painting this piece in a traditional Rococo finish. The colour is a custom mix Annie Sloan chalk paint. A sage green grey that is perfect for this old French piece. Beautiful for anywhere in your home. Solid timber and beautifully made (and painted of course 😉)
100w x 48d x 82h
Pickup Lilyfield

I have lots more pieces to share - I've been working on furnishing a florist for a long time blog reader. It opens next week and I can't wait to share with you.

Have a good day. 
Hope you get to do something you enjoy.
Fiona xx

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