Monday, October 24, 2016

lots of black paint...

Hope you all had a good weekend. Mine was absolutely fantastic possibly slightly too fantastic - out till 4 am Saturday night at a university college reunion so I think we all just thought we were 19 again. So much fun. Oh I'm too old for that ha ha but then followed up yesterday afternoon by a beautiful musical showcase at Sasha's school. She sang a solo, a duet and two mash ups in the acapella group and it was just lovely. Isn't it great seeing your kids go from strength to strength. Phil and I are hopeless - both of us shed a few tears. Yes I am that embarrassing mum.

I have been enjoying painting some pieces recently in black. So dramatic and a nice anchor to a room. How stately do these drawers look in black especially teamed with that beautiful mirror. Both pieces sold quickly. The mirror was something I could have easily kept but that's not the aim of my business so I decided to part with it. I always know I can find more lovely pieces but the details on this one were lovely. I bought it from a lady who was moving out of a huge terrace house in the back of Redfern. It was a beautiful tree lined street full of old but well maintained terrace houses and this house had a beautiful bright pink front door. So surprising and lovely.

The console below was in a terrible state when i picked it up. It was very badly weathered and the varnish was all flaky and peeling. I spent ages sanding it smooth.  I think this piece was crying out for black paint. I love it.

Really nice details on this piece. It is quite low and would work either in a hallway or behind a sofa.

The funny this about this piece was I had seen it a few weeks ago for sale and didn't buy it but ended up going back for it last week. That evening (Wednesday 19th of October) I was finishing up some other pieces and was about to stop work for the day and cook dinner but thought I would just make a start and prep this piece so it was ready for me to start painting the next morning. So I flipped the piece over and saw the date of manufacture. Exactly 35 years ago. I love little coincidences like that. If I'd bought it the week before, waited till the next day or even not flip my pieces over to paint underneath then it wouldn't have been noticed. 

I also painted a little china cabinet Rosie had inherited from her grandmother. 

Here it is below in situ. Love that sandstone wall.

These bedsides below were given to me by a lovely lady who was moving out of her house in Vaucluse. They were a great shape and nice and tall. I painted them black and had so many people asking for them. I lightly distressed the edges to bring out the timber detail. 

and last on my black list ;) is this little pine shelf unit. So narrow and handy. I really like this one with the tongue and groove paneling.

Lots of people asking how to get a good finish when using black. I don't think black is for beginners as it's hard work to get a good finish and even sheen. It takes practice but here are my tips to get you started: My tips for getting a good finish on black.

Fiona xx

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