Thursday, October 27, 2016

Stunning French Style Carved Console; Lovely story

Some pieces come with a beautiful story. The story of this beautiful piece will stay with me for a long time.

French style carved console in ASCP Paris Grey mix Lilyfield Life

One evening my friend calls me to tell me she's heard of some beautiful furniture for sale so I call the guy and arrange to go see it all. I don't arrive till after 9pm as I'd been doing some deliveries. The house is stunning and there's a big SOLD sticker on the front gate and a VERY handsome and charming man waiting at the front door for me in his pjs. No problem. Lucky he doesn't sleep in the nude

He shows me the furniture and I fall in love with this divine console and he starts telling me the story. It's his childhood home and his European (maybe Croatian?) parents' furniture. His elderly father has dementia and is being placed in care. The house has been sold and his mum is moving to a tiny apartment. His mother is beside herself as she hasn't spent a night apart from her husband since they got married at 17. 

While he's talking his mum gets out of bed to meet the lady buying her beloved furniture. Gorgeous very old lady. She goes back to bed while Charming Man and I continue talking for another hour about aging, dying parents, love and loss. There were hugs and tears. And this beautiful piece (and a few others) came home with me to be painted and to share a new life with someone else. 

French style carved console in ASCP Paris Grey mix Lilyfield Life
Originally the piece was very dark timber and you couldn't see all the amazing detail so I decided to lighten it all up with a custom mix of ASCP Paris Grey and whites. I have then clear waxed it and use a little black wax in the crevices.

Isn't it stunning?

Sending good thoughts to that beautiful family and wishing them well.
Fiona xx


  1. Simply stunning! Someone is going to be very lucky to add that piece to their home. (Or are you keeping it?)

  2. Absolutely stunning Fiona it's just beautiful - you're such a good story teller. I have tears also

  3. I saw this piece on my Facebook feed and it took my breath away! It's absolutely gorgeous, Fiona! xoxo Robin


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