Friday, February 10, 2017

Colour me happy: furniture inspiration: Blues

After all that black furniture I have been painting lately, I thought I would post some inspiration of beautiful bright and bold pieces. I know I am more known for my muted colours - greys, white and taupes, but I do love a pop of colour also. 

When I think of bright furniture, I'm always drawn to blues.

Teal & Turquoise Furniture

Teal and turquoise are easy colours to paint with - amazing coverage with this deep pigment so you will only ever need two coats and you may even get away with one if you like it a bit rustic.

Most of these pieces are all custom mixed but you could find similar at Porter's Paint I am sure or ASCP Florence isn't too dissimilar, maybe play around with mixing it with ASCP Aubusson.  

This piece below that I painted this week is 2 parts Aubusson to one part Florence.

ASCP Provence


Even looking at these two photos below makes me want to paint something in this divine bright colour again. Wow.

This is a very similar mix to above but i do find photographing turquoise and lots of blues can be very difficult to capture the true colour.

I'm going to continue this as an inspiration series on different colours: I may have to use other peoples work when using other colours such as red or orange :)

Hope you find this helpful and perhaps you are now inspired to pick up a bright colour to paint your next piece?

Fiona xx

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