Monday, November 6, 2017

Latest pieces

Hello dearest strangers, I have to explain why I've been so absent. My old morning routine was get up, go for a walk with Phil and our dog Charlie in the park, a quick stop for coffee at our favourite cafe, Pane e Cipolla, then home and I would walk in sit down at my computer, drink the remainder of my coffee and write my blog then help the kids get ready for school and make lunches. Then as soon as they left I would start painting and on with my day. Because Jonty changed schools and now is in the city at school by 8am I've lost the time between our walk and making lunches so I haven't written anything for ages. I had it on my to do list to work out a new morning routine that includes writing my beloved blog. Anyway here I am, I have missed it :)

stunning vintage console sideboard Lilyfield life

Thank you for the lovely messages wondering if things are okay and to check on me. So nice to know that I was missed.

I have just had a weekend in Perth and came home at 11pm last night to Sasha throwing up all night. Welcome home Mummy. Actually I was so pleased to be back to help her as you always want your mum when you are vomiting. I still want mine (even though she's been dead for years and would actually be the worst person to have around when you are sick as she wasn't all that sympathetic and was terrible around smells and gagged all the time. Oh dear mum, she was a tough cookie sometimes).

Anyway here are some pieces I have for sale at the moment. All prices and measurements are found on the linked For Sale PageIf you are interested in purchasing or viewing please let me know. 

Vintage bow front chest of drawers

Vintage bow front chest of drawers lilyfield life

stunning vintage console sideboard

stunning vintage console sideboard Lilyfield life

Tall vintage chest of drawers

Tall vintage chest of drawers

Vintage gilt mirror

Vintage gilt mirror, lilyfield life

French ottoman

French ottoman, lilyfield life

Slimline cabinet

Slimline cabinet, grey chalk paint Lilyfield Life

Stunning vintage mirror, very heavy and solid

Stunning vintage mirror

American serpentine front single bedside, painted navy

American serpentine front single bedside, navy, Lilyfield Life

 Antique English Pine cabinet

Antique English Pine cabinet, Lilyfield Life

Antique English Pine cabinet, Lilyfield Life

Lots of pieces available which is surprising, especially when so well priced for such lovely old pieces. Any questions just let me know,

I will be back tomorrow, I promise 


  1. Such beautiful pieces! You are so talented. I do hope Sasha has made a complete recovery!

  2. Fiona I love every single item you create, I think you are so gifted! Do you have any classes? I'd love to learn with you. Please let me know.
    Kind regards

  3. Hi Fiona ,
    I was looking at the antique pine cabinet. Does it have a split in the top or is it just the photo ?


  4. a good opportunity to tell you that your pieces are beautiful!

    Hope you have a great day,


  5. Thanks for the update Fiona, I was wondering why you were off the radar.
    Lovely pieces, can you please tell me the colour used on vintage bow front chest of drawers.
    Thank you, Ruth.

  6. Dear girl,
    Don't let what you love become a burden.
    Best advice I had was "just do what you can, when you can"
    Simple but strangely liberating.
    I am in awe of your many accomplishments and achievements.
    Wish you could clone yourself and send Mark 2 to Melbourne.
    Roseanna D.


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