Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Secretaire bureau for Interior designer

Here's a piece I did recently for an interior designer and her client. It's an old oak bureau and they wanted it in a mid tone grey with lots of patina. I painted it just before we headed off to Italy and only grabbed these two photos.

hand painted vintage desk by Lilyfield life

With chalk paint you can paint and wax right over the metal hardware without using any special primer. To be honest I usually still take the handles off so I get a nice smooth run with my brush across the drawer front. I don't like all the messy little brush marks you get when painting around handles. But lots of people just paint them in situ, it's up to you.

hand painted vintage desk by Lilyfield life

Sometimes with old pieces like the hinges on this desk It can be almost impossible to remove the old hardware. The hinges had been nailed in and to remove the nails I would possibly have damaged the old metal hinges so I just did my best to ensure minimal brush marks and then gave it all a very good sand to finish.
Beautiful piece and very happy clients. 

Fiona xx


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