Friday, January 12, 2018

Inspiration for my next sideboard

Good morning! I hope you are feeling happy and productive this week. I was out with a girlfriend, Sarah, last night and she commented she was starting out the year feeling a bit flat. I said I was similar and she responded that she has a name for it - Miserablergh. Ha! Exactly how I started back at work also. Well I'm not actually miserable but definitely not the energizer bunny I usually am :)
Sarah makes me laugh  - she said "I'm so miserablergh I don't even care that I'm miserablergh". Maybe it's the strange weather we are having or that everyone is still on holidays and not buying much at the moment so work is quiet. I don't know but I'm looking forward to feeling on fire again.

Anyway I've been looking at way to get all inspired again. I've been listening to business podcasts and also have started painting again - slowly:)  I have a beautiful sideboard in my studio that is all sanded and primed and ready for painting and I've been unable to decide how to paint it. Last night I was flicking through some old photos and decided to do a washed grey finish on it. The same as this sideboard I sold to Kim of Kim Gleeson Interiors for her beach house north of Byron Bay.  I realised I never shared photos of this sideboard when I painted which is surprising as it's one of my favourites.

Grey washed french style sideboard by Lilyfield Life

Grey washed french style sideboard by Lilyfield Life

I love this finish - so soft and subtle.
This sideboard was very dark timber but I liked the storage options and the carved details. I wanted to really lighted it all up and give it a new life hence this Driftwood Inspired Sideboard: pale grey with layers of white and wax, distressed and sanded for a rustic light finish. Silky smooth and beautiful. 

Grey washed french style sideboard by Lilyfield Life

Here's is a photo that Kim took of it all styled up in the hallway of her beach house. Just the look I'm going for the sideboard in my studio. I'll post photos when I'm done. 

Grey washed french style sideboard by Lilyfield Life

have a good day. 
Fiona xx

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  1. Nice sideboard! Hope your friend does not feel miserablergh anymore!!! LOL


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