Friday, January 26, 2018

Vintage sideboard Reveal - a washed paint finish

A few weeks ago now I shared some inspiration for a sideboard I was painting. The sideboard is now painted sold and delivered. I have been very slack at sharing pieces here over the holidays. my dad asked me if it meant I hadn't been working, but no. It meant I've been madly juggling holidays and kids and no time for blogging. So I'm up early this morning sorting through emails etc. We are hoping to go kayaking with friends but the weather isn't looking too good this Australia Day.

For the sideboard below I decided on a washed paint finish.  This involves painting a solid base colour and then washing another colour of watered down paint over the top and wiping it off. The second colour settles into the crevices and creates a lovely soft look.

This is such a stunning vintage sideboard with a beautiful and slightly sad story. I bought this from a guy in a lovely old house in Greenwich. When I was initially dealing with him I thought he was very gruff, almost rude. When I went to pick it up, I started chatting to him and realized he wasn’t rude at all, he was just so sad about letting the sideboard go. This was his parents (now both dead) and they’d had it custom made for their wedding present by master cabinet makers. His wife absolutely HATES it and was making him sell it, so he was really sad. In fact his wife hates anything old and is making them leave their beautiful old house in Greenwich and move to a modern apartment. He asked me what I was going to do with the sideboard and I tentatively told about my business. I assured him I’d do a good job painting it and someone would cherish it as his parents had done. I wanted to tell him if things didn’t work out with Modern Wife I could definitely match make him with someone who loves vintage, ha ha 

Anyway the sideboard is divine.

Happy Australia Day -hope you are doing something lovely with friends and family to celebrate this wonderful country we live in.

Fiona xx

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  1. Hi Fiona
    Absolutely love this look, probably the technique I use most often but nowhere near as good as what you do, any chance of a live video?
    Happy Australia Day from London.
    Maria x


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