Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Turquoise tiles on a marble topped wash stand

As soon as I saw this piece I had the colour scheme planned in my head...

marble topped washstand in Jolie Graphite and ASCP Florence

Jolie Graphite on the exterior and ASCP Florence (a tiny bit left in an old tin) was the perfect match to the tiles.

I well I doubted myself for
About an hour 
and contemplated different colours 
then came
Back full
Circle to my first idea 

I also did manage to fall backwards off a tall stool when I was looking in my cupboard for the Florence paint. Actually I didn’t even fall, I just stepped down completely forgetting to even tread on the two lower steps. I just went to step from about 90cm high straight onto the ground - it’s like my brain stopped working :(
Loads of bruises on my triceps,
Forearm, hands and my bum but nothing too hurt or broken and I didn’t break the piece of furniture I fell into. Thank god I have lost some weight ha ha 

Anyway I dusted myself off and got to painting. My creativity waits for no one ...

The marble on this piece is lovely very old marble. And tiles are to die for.

Available: I’m in love with this very old piece: a beautiful marble topped wash stand by master cabinet makers Beard  Watson. The tile colour is amazing and I have painted the interior of the cupboard to match; a beautiful turquoise. Exterior has been painted in a charcoal graphite chalk paint, gently distressed and a smooth waxed finish. As a side note, the tiles are removable if you wanted to replace them with a mirror or you can take off the whole top and just use the base. Saying that I love it just as it is. Vintage castors and towel rails on both sides. The marble has a few faint marks towards the back but otherwise it’s in very good condition for its age. 

91w x 46d x 127h cm (NOW SOLD)

Pickup Lilyfield .

I have to say I’m so impressed with Jolie paints. Really easy to use and a super smooth finish and lets just say the wax is fantastic- so much easier to use the previous waxes I have used (not naming names)

If you are interested in buying this piece let me know, it’s even more lovely in real life

Fiona xx


  1. New subbie here Fiona. I love this piece! I have a 20's table with gorgeous blue tiles which I painted w/ASCP Country Grey. Now I know why it doesn't look right. I will re paint in the graphite. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Oh I’m thrilled to help you. Love to hear how you go! Thanks

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