Monday, July 29, 2019

White chalk paint pieces of furniture

A few months ago I got a little confused about what paint I had. I had a tin of a beige colour chalk paint for a custom piece and when I had finished the job I mixed the rest of the tin with a bright white and it made the loveliest soft  white. Fast forward a few months and I needed to buy some soft white paint and I totally forgot that the white I had been using was a mix and not the actual paint I’d bought ...and I went and bought 4 litres of it. When I got home and opened it all I could not believe I had bought 4 litres of BEIGE paint. Far out....

So I’ll be mixing paint to get the soft white colour I like for a long time. 

French white chest of drawers Lilyfield Life

Anyway .... as you can imagine I am using the mix on lots and lots of pieces. I have these pieces available . These French style drawers which are so lovely. They would work well as a console table or large bedside table also.

white French drawers Lilyfield Life

The drawers interiors are painted in a putty satin enamel. 

90w (at widest) x 41d x 87h cm

(Now Sold)

white French drawers Lilyfield Life

white French drawers Lilyfield Life

white French drawers Lilyfield life

I also have these vintage Australian cedar bedside tables. They are very solid and in great shape. The drawer interiors have been painted in an aqua satin enamel. I actually can’t believe these haven’t been snapped up as they are GORGEOUS and usually in high demand. 

white French bedside tables lilyfield Life

Available ; vintage cedar bedside tables with a serpentine front and two smooth sliding drawers. Painted in a white chalk paint and waxed finish (tops have been sealed with a clear coat so you can safely have your water glass on them). Interiors of the drawers have been painted a gorgeous aqua water based enamel. 
Very solid and elegant 
45w x 43d x 75h cm 
(Now Sold)
Pickup Lilyfield or delivery available

Lilyfield Life White bedside tables

white bedside tables Lilyfield Life

Lilyfield Life White bedside tables

This vintage timber mirror has been painted in the same white with a little dark wax for patina. 

white vintage mirror Lilyfield Life

Available - a lovely vintage timber mirror painted white with patina added with black wax. A nice deep bevel edge and glass in perfect condition. Ready to hang on strong chain.

92w x 65h cm

(Now Sold)

Pickup Lilyfield only

white vintage mirror Lilyfield Life

And finally this vintage French desk I painted for a customer. I loved working on this special piece. My photo certainly doesn’t do it justice. The tope was leather and there are two slide out panels for extra working space each end. My customer was so happy with it. 

white french desk vintage lilyfield life

Hope you love the colour as you’ll be seeing so much more of it :)

Yours in white paint 
Fiona xx

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