Monday, January 24, 2011

Bargain of the week!

I was driving back from a client meeting today and saw a St Vincent de Paul shop ("Vinnies" as we Aussies call it) that had a 50%sale on. So I thought I'd see if they had any good deals. No furniture but I managed to snag this deal - $6 for a lovely picnic basket with leather handle and straps all in perfect condition. It's old and dusty but beautiful. Made in West Sussex, England.

I'll find some nice blue and white plates for it and then we'll have to take it out for a picnic.

I also bought this chair at Rozelle Markets on the weekend. It was for sale for $35 but I got talking to the guy and he gave it to me for $20! I'm looking forward to doing it up.

Do any of you have picnic sets? What do you keep in them?

Fiona xx


  1. Hi Fiona! Well, after reading through your posts I can see I am going to LOVE following your blog. I reupholster furniture too and love seeing a great before and after :o)
    That birthday cake is amazing!!!
    Welcome to blogland. Would you mind if I mention your blog in a post?

  2. hi Ange -thanks so much for your lovely comment. Most of my friends arent into craft etc so it's so nice to connect with like minded people. Very inspirational. I'd be honoured to be mentioned in your blog - thanks. I'll duck over and check it out!
    I should do a tutorial on the cake as it was pretty easy actually - small effort, big effect!
    cheers Fiona.

  3. I am in love with picnic baskets, and yours is a beauty!! I would enjoy seeing a picture of it after you get it stocked. That was a really great find!


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