Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Coffee sack cushions

These are some cushions I made for a friend out of hand painted material and also coffee sacks. My friend and I usually grab a coffee at our little local cafe (Divi) after we drop the kids off at school so I thought it was fitting that the cushions had backs made from a coffee sack I got from Divi Cafe in Lilyfield. The little handpainted panels were samples from Prints Charming in Annadale.

My friend also loves all things French so these were perfect for her.

the Red one

And a black one:

I was a bit sad to part with them and sometimes wonder why I don't keep more of what I make.



  1. Those pillows are wonderful. I know the angst of not keeping more of what I make. It's a constant struggle. :)

  2. By the way, what's a chook? Is it a chicken?

  3. Yes, chooks are chickens! we have five and usually get 5 lovely fresh eggs a day. don't think i could ever go back to supermarket eggs again.

  4. so cute Fiona! thanks for sharing :)

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