Friday, August 19, 2011

My American Holiday Plans

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm heading to the US!!

A good friend of mine is marrying an American woman on the 3rd of September. It's all a bit international as he's South African and he and I met while when we were both living and working in London. He then met his (to be) wife while holidaying in New Zealand. He's since moved to America and they live in Portland but they are getting married in Bar Harbour, Maine (she holidayed there as a child or something like that).

Confused yet?

So my husband and I were initially thinking of both attending the wedding and taking the kids but it's so expensive and so far, and we'd need babysitters for the actual wedding so Phil suggested that I GO BY MYSELF....and then said as it's so far I may as well GO FOR 2 WEEKS!!

I'm flying in to LA and staying with a gorgeous friend I met last year in Yosemite. She lives in Pasadena, which I'm looking forward to exploring.  I need some suggestions of things to do there. I've been to LA several times before including staying at Banana Bungalow in West Hollywood for a couple of months while backpacking in my twenties. So I don't really need to do LA touristy things.

I then have a hideous overnight collection of flights to Bangor where I'll pick up a hire car and drive to Bar Harbour for the wedding. I'm there for 4.5 days over the long weekend.

I'm sharing a room with the groom's twin sister whom I love. I can't wait.  The wedding (which sort of goes on for the 4 days) sounds amazing.  There'll even be a traditional Maine lobster bake for the rehearsal dinner (when in Rome...). It will be wonderful seeing my friend getting married and getting to know his fiance better.

I then fly to San Francisco and stay with wonderful friends on ours who live right in the city. I'm looking forward to catching up over champagne at the 21st Amendment Brewery (their local).

I was hoping to buy some Annie Sloan chalk paint but just realised that I can't bring it back on the plane with me (paint is considered a banned substance) so I'll just have to continue being envious of all the chalk paint furniture i see on other blogs.  Instead I'll just have to splurge at a Coach Outlet!!

So suggestions please for things to do, junk shops or markets to go to and also where is the nearest outlet shopping to any of the places I've mentioned!!

And thanks to my gorgeous husband for letting me go and also to my supportive mother-in-law who's coming down to Sydney to look after the kids!



  1. OOOO, I will gather a list of to sees and to dos for the SF area. You lucky girl you, two weeks in another country, with friends, and no kids. I don't dare even fantasize how relaxing this would be.

  2. Wow, you lucky ducky!! Two weeks kid free! :) I'm sure you'll miss your family but it sounds like you have a busy schedule. Have fun my friend :)

  3. How darn exciting!!!! I'm sure you will have a wonderful time and you have worked so hard this year with all your renos. If you go to Geddes, say hi to Arthur or Heather from Shelley. They are my neighbours when they spend the Summer in Australia. They might just give you an extra big lobster!!!


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