Thursday, August 18, 2011

Redo-ing My Redo (Another White Sideboard)

Back in April I was inspired by Christa at Stories of a House to paint a vintage mahogany wood sideboard blue and white (like a Jasperware Wedgwood plate). I loved how the sideboard turned out (see here) but it just never sold in my booth.  A lot of people have told me they love it but ... loving it and wanting it in your house are two different things.

So I dragged it home again this week, sanded it down and painted it white. 


Although I loved it blue and white, this is much more my style.  Crisp and clean.  I'm sure it will sell quickly now!

There are the faintest peaks of blue where I've distressed in ever so slightly. I also restained the top and re-waxed it and it's even more lovely.


and before the before:

While I was re-doing funky furniture into something more sale-able I also repainted the celtic cross table a plain red. 

and before:

So my question to you, dear blog reader, is do you prefer them plain (as they are now) or in their previous "ornate form"?



  1. Hey Fiona, I do much prefer the 'classic' stuff, though have to admit that I admire the 'other' stuff too - but would never consider it for my home! The sideboard looks soooo good now! Mx

  2. Aaaahhh, classic white...BEAUTIFUL!!

  3. hi Fiona, Your re-paints look really good, I agree there is a big difference between "I love it, it's gorgeous!" and " how much is that? I'll have it" there is, after all no accounting for taste!

  4. I love the white...much classier! As for the table, plain is my preference, but that's just me :-)


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