Saturday, November 24, 2012

Beautiful homes in Carmel, California

I have just spent a few days in Carmel, California and I spent the whole time feeling so joyous and thinking the sights just couldn't get any better - between the beaches, the amazing architecture of the beautiful Comstock houses, the Coach outlet shop and the delicious food at the restaurants I was in a very happy place.

I posted a couple of photos on Instagram and immediately had requests to do more house stalking so the next morning I got up super early and went snooping.  I loved this teal green house below that is right opposite the beach. It beautifully reflects the blue-green of the Pacific ocean. A great view of the surfers right on your doorstop.

Imagine sitting on this balcony in the evening watching the beautiful sunset while you sip on a champagne cocktail. Make mine a bellini please!

As you walk along the beach, it just keeps getting better. The houses at Camel point are just stunning. They all look like they belong on the pages of a fairy tale book.  The house below has a sign on it "Pinch Me" - a little tacky but I would be pinching myself also!  Check out the wavy shingle roof. I think it looks like Hansel and Gretel's gingerbread house.

Even the mailboxes are gorgeous and rustic.

I don't have a garage but I'd take this garage door over a roller door any day of the week.

I stalked the house below a lot as not only is the outside of the house divine but check out that chandelier in the window.  I can only imagine how much a place like this is worth. I couldn't bring myself to look a real estate's brochure as I didn't want to pop the bubble of thinking someday...

All the houses in the main part of Carmel are delightful. There is seriously not one not charming house. Beautiful little details that really add to the charm. Look at these beautiful lights over the garage below. Even that garage door is divine.

The house above has this cockerel right next to the front gate. so quaint.

The house below is beautiful. Last time I was in Carmel I took a few photos of it but it's currently being re-roofed so I just took photo of the wall and garden. Still beautiful with a big grey tarp over it all.

And I've saved the best for last, I think some of the IGers are fighting over who is going to move in first. I think we should all pool our money in and all move in together. Check it out. LOVELY!! It's the same house as the top photo on my post today.

I really wanted to sneak closer and take photos if inside the windows as every room had the most amazing lights and I know A-M will be kicking me for not getting better photos! but it was 7am and I thought people are going to see me and think that I am staking out the place for a robbery!

... and this is where it is situated, right on Camel Point with windows spanning 180 degrees along both sides of the point. This photo below is take across the road from the house so their view is even more spectacular.

So what do you think? are you know planning a trip to Carmel? I'll be back on Monday with photos of the beach. Just as an additional teaser.

Fiona xx


  1. AMAZING! we did the same drive as you and stopped off at carmel a long time ago. would love to see it again one day. thanks for taking us with you!

  2. Hi Fiona,
    lovely houses.... but I don't like the one with the wavy roof, it looks like it belongs in Disney Land.... Lol.... sorry ;) xo

  3. Hi Fiona,

    What lovely pic's! Great to see you are having a blast. I have often heard lovely things about Carmel. Nice to see the pictures to back it Enjoy your time away looking forward to your next post. Ps love the house with the below ground level garage.



  4. Wow... fabulous!! Lovely photos... yep that last house amazeballs!! ;) Jo x

  5. Omg!!! They're gorgeous! I do like the one with the wavy roof. They are all so uniquely beautiful. You know what it is? ... Attention to detail ... In every aspect... Right down to the letterbox. I would have been screaming if I was standing next to you! Oh that last one! ... With the exterior panelling.. Be still my heart! Sorry about the capitals and poor punctuation... iPad in bed. Xxx

  6. We loved a visit to Carmel - several years ago - thanks for the memory.

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