Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My weekend in San Francisco

I'm in the US for Thanksgiving and last Friday I flew to San Francisco to spend the weekend with our good friends, Stephen and Caroline. They used to live about 200 m from our house in Balmain and Stephen and I worked with each other but for the last 12 years they have been in the States. They are a lot of fun and super interesting, very well travelled and Stephen has climbed the 7 highest peaks of the world including Mount Everest. Pretty amazing , hey!

We had a great weekend with lots of chatter, champagne and Saturday night we had a dinner with the SF Belgian club with lovely people and too many Belgian beers! Caroline is originally from Belgian - they certainly know how to have fun.

On Saturday morning Stephen had to work so Caroline and I hit the shops. First up was new hiking boots as I packed mine but when I put them on they totally disintegrated. Not sure what happened but they totally fell apart leaving a trail of rubber around Target as I was buying some make up (so much cheaper here than in Australia). After new boots, we checked out Anthropologie. Such a beautiful shop, I loved this Christmas Day dress.

I just bought some beautiful bowls and mugs from Anthropologie. All the clothes were winter clothes and I can't get my head around winter shopping. 

Next up was Williams Sonoma. Wow this shop is something. Beautiful stuff all displayed beautifully.  I love the festive table below. Great lights!

We also went to HDButtercup but I only had my iPhone and can't get the photos off my phone while traveling. So that will have to wait. Gosh I love that store though. One of those store you could design a whole house around.

After a great weekend and lots of laughs I headed off down the Californian coast in my rental - a MUSTANG! Love it. Had a little mishap when I decided that it was getting too cold for the top to be down so I stopped and put it up but obviously didn't lockit into place properly and when I was driving along I thought "gosh this convertible is way noisier in the wind with the top up than I thought it would be". Looked up and realised it was not locked into place and about to flip right back- didn't help I was fanging along on the freeway! I had to hold it in place, pissing myself laughing, until I could get off the freeway, stop and clip it into place. Such a first world problem! LOL.

I'm loving this trip, having a great time and meeting such interesting nice people.

Fiona xx


  1. Fiona, looks as though you are having an awesome time. Can't wait to hear more about your time. Take care! Drive safely in that fab car!
    Kirrily x

  2. lol about the top of the car, so funny! Good point about clothes shopping, I wouldn't be bothered buying winter clothes either...suppose you are too late for the summer sales racks? Shame!

    xx Karen

  3. Oh that Christmas frock!.... and the lights in Williams S!!!! You are having a ball. It's so much fun to follow along with you! Keep sending through the photos! A-M xx

  4. Ditto to A-M above. Love the Christmas dress.

  5. looks like a fun time! :) i did that once when chris had a jeep wrangler and was away and let me borrow it (when we were dating). oops.


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