Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Roadside find and a good man

Yesterday was one of those days when I appreciated my husband just that little bit more (which is saying something as I'm always so grateful for who he is, what he does for me and for our family) and I realised once again that he just "gets" me and is my number one fan.

On Saturday night we had dinner in Annandale with a friend and at the end of the evening she suggested our kids stay over at her place so yesterday morning, Phil and I got a sleep in and then walked to Annandale to pick the kids up stopping for breakfast at the delightful Booth St Bistro on the way.  If you are a Sydney-sider make your way post-haste to this great cafe. The food , the building and the service are all awesome.

It was absolutely so precious to have kid-free time with my husband during the day. I actually value this much more than getting a babysitter at night.  It was so good walking and talking and then sitting and chatting UNINTERRUPTED by kids over a relaxed breakfast.  And how delicious does my breakfast look? 

And then to make the day even better in the evening, Phil took the kids for a bike ride (he runs, they cycle) and he called me about 10 minutes after they'd left the house saying "quick jump in the car, it's council clean up and I've found a fantastic set of drawers that you can do something with".

I hung up pretty quickly and skidaddled over there as I couldn't quite believe my luck. Not that the drawers were on the roadside but more that Phil was encouraging me to bring them home. I've not got a lot of time for painting at the moment and a pile of furniture stacked at home to attend to with my paint brush and white paint already.  But he is a patient man and loves my passion for furniture and how it relaxes me (actually it's probably more that!!)

This chest of drawers has seen better days but it has great bones and lots of potential.  It's a wonderful size and i love the detailing on it.  I can't wait to restore it and paint it.

The top will need fixing.

and the chipped veneer... 

And hideous colour but with some effort and paint it is going to be a great piece of furniture once again.

I love that Phil gets me and my love affair with paint.

When was the last time you went on a daylight hours date with your husband?If it's been a while, book one in soon. it is really a different vibe to going out at night when you're all tired and the kids are in bed anyway. I think it feels extra special and decadent.  What about you?

Fiona xx


  1. I miss our food - it's (almost) always so fresh and well presented! Adding that cafe to my must-see list when I am home! It's so great not only that your husband gets you, but that you appreciate it right back. I know I share that feeling about my own guy :)

  2. oh WOW! what a roadside find!!! love love love!

  3. he is a Keeper and I can not wait to see you weave your magic on that chest of drawers. what a find!!
    ML x

  4. oh those drawers are awesome Fiona, a bit of bog on the missing bits and it will be fine.
    Daytime dates with husbands are the best, when Geoff had a couple of days off for his birthday recently we went out fro lunch which was lovely but also went to Bunnings and Aldi lol...even that was enjoyable on our own. Actually I even appreciate getting in and out of the car without kids. An afternoon *ahem* lie down completes the day, of course! ;)

    xx Karen

  5. What a lovely post! What a fab hubby you have! I love one on one time with my hubby - must admit it doesn't happen very often (day or nite!), however on our recent holiday the kids LoVeD Kids Club which meant we had some time to ourselves which was the icing on the cake of our family holiday! ;) You sound really busy at the moment! Can't wait to see that set of drawers done up! Mx

  6. We must be married to the same man. My husband totally gets that I need a project to keep me happy. I can't help it! If I'm not improving something somewhere, I feel like I'm dying. G.x

  7. Good boy Phil. Fiona, I'm sure you'll weave your magic paint brush and have those drawers looking great in no time.

  8. loved this post and am following now!

    def a love affair with paint and i so get how great it is to have your beloved support it (there will be no jokes about threesomes at this juncture. oops.)

    thanks for your kind words during this difficult time.


  9. Great find! He's a keeper for sure ;) This is going to look amazing Fiona :) Jo x

  10. Hubby and I had a date the other day- we left the kids at home and went garage saling together- he has the ute- I had the cash- I even shouted him a bacon and egg roll from a fete that we cleaned up at!


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