Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Little Christmas Bokeh

I've been playing around with my camera and my Christmas lights. I love the bokeh!

I get asked a lot about my camera and my photography (thanks everyone for your nice words). My camera is a Canon 350D. It's really old and an entry level Canon DSLR. I use Canon over Nikon mainly because when I was 24 I bought my first SLR camera which was a Canon (it was one of my first big purchases when I started working in the RAAF) and I am used to the way they work and I don't want to swap over my lens when I buy a new body.  This camera, I bought it when my daughter was a baby and she's 9 now, and every time I go into a camera shop they tell me "wow, this camera is obsolete!!" but I've thought it was fine as I have several good new lens and am generally happy with my photography, especially as most of my photography is of furniture and still life for my blog.  But when I was in America recently one morning when I was specifically going hiking to take photos of a particular beach that I have wanted to see for many years, I could not get my camera to take a single photo. Eventually after about half an hour of mucking around I got it working again but I'm taking that as a warning sign and am going to use some of my mother's inheritance towards a new camera. (The rest will go towards our renovations and I'll just think that the craft room/studio/my workspace is a gift from her which is just perfect as she was very creative and always encourage us kids to have creative productive hobbies).

I'm making myself wait to go camera shopping until the post Christmas sales but I'm getting quite excited! hmm...I think I need a camera bag also - can't decide between the highly functional Crumpler bags or the beautiful 3Annie bags.  Any thoughts?

Fiona xx


  1. Hmmm, My camera died last week and it was just a little snappy 6 megapixel one. It was easy to use and pretty sharp, but I now don't know what to get!

    I want DLSR quality but I want a tiny camera I can chuck in my handbag - I am probably asking too much!

    I have no idea what to do now. Good luck with yours! x

  2. Love your photography! Doesn't look as though you need a new camera but what's nice way to remember your mother by.
    ML x

  3. Beautiful photos Fiona, I especially love the first one :)

    I take my photos on a $300 4 year old Sony digital, lol. Photography is not at all my thing although Geoff would love a DSLR camera and to do a photography course (his several albums of his OE shots are some of his most prized possessions). We talked about it last night, actually. Maybe if he got one I could learn to use and appreciate it.

    I think it is lovely to use your inheritance on a camera and on your reno's...nice to be able to know and see where it has been put to good use :)

    xx Karen

  4. Susie from Palm BeachDecember 12, 2012 at 1:05 PM

    hi Fiona, it was so nice to meet you the other night. I just love your blog. You are so creative and I love your house. WOW! Beautiful photos also. I'm not much of a photographer myself but I appreciate the effort that must go into your blog and photography. stay in touch and I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful furniture.
    all the best for a lovely Christmas

  5. Gorgeous photos.I can just imagine what you will be able to do with a more updated camera. Can't wait to see your magic! G.x

  6. My Christmas present this year is the 3 Annies Audrey. I bought the black trying to be practical but now I really want the aqua or silver. The quality is beautiful and it's real leather - not PU. You won't regret it.
    Love the bokeh. I've been meaning to try it.

  7. I am very excited for you too! I have a entry level cannon, its a modern one but I just love it to bits. Your craft room sounds like the perfect thing! Merry Xmas! Rx


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