Friday, December 7, 2012

Decorating at Christmas time

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I've been having fun making our house festive.
I've had these vintage scales for a few months now. They were my dad's and he asked me if I wanted them. They are just lovely and with a few red and silver baubles in them, they are the centrepiece of my Christmas decorations.
The beautiful wooden Christmas sign was a gift from Michele at Knot Too Shabby in LA. It was a very lovely gesture by her and will be a sweet reminder of the inspirational morning I spent with her.

We have a very simple wreath on our front door - vintage ticking bow and little baubles that contrast beautifully with our blue door.  I would love a fresh boxwood wreath but have searched high and low and can't find one in Australia.  Does anyone know where to find them?

I haven't got around to selling the red cabinet I painted in Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint so I thought I would use it in the hallway for Christmas
(have you entered my paint giveaway yet?)

Pine cones gathered from the park dabbled in silver paint.

I am going to have to sort out some greenery for the dining table. 
We aren't having Christmas Day lunch at home but I am hosting a dinner on Christmas Eve so I am thinking of table setting ideas. 
Something pretty and simple.
In the meantime I just have some candles and decorations as the centre piece.
On my French sideboard we have our nativity scene. 
A good reminder of what Christmas is all about and a reminder to not get caught up in the commercialism of it all.

Australians aren't as big "seasonal decorators" as Americans. 
Pre-blogging I would have just put up the Christmas tree and possibly some fairy lights on the front of our house and have been done with it.
Reading blogs have made me think more creatively about my own home. Even more than reading magazines that sometimes seem too unobtainable. 
What about you, who inspires you?
Do you go all out with decorating for Christmas? 

Do you find that you keep the house neater once it's decorated? 
I do, for sure!

Fiona xx


  1. i love that little wooden sign! too cute! and the scale looks awesome!

  2. it all is so beautiful, you are so creative and stylish.

  3. I love how you placed your little Christmas wood art! Soooo cute with the scale! Everything looks wonderful!

  4. Just beautiful! All of it. I am living vicariously through you. We have not put one decoration up or bought one single thing for Christmas. It feels strange. We're out of here in a week. Xx

  5. Fiona it must have been the day for decorating. Love your scales and all your decorations. x

  6. We don't have lunch here wither this year so I am not going as all out as I did last year. Your deccos look lovely.

  7. Love the nativity , and yes we shouldnt forget what its all about in our materialistic world.

  8. We have at last moved into our new house and I am enjoying making it feel more like home with our Christmas treasures. Everything seems to be finding a new spot where it now is meant to be.
    Some special little old things are on my Grandmother's Singer sewing machine, in the entrance way.

  9. Looks gorgeous Fiona, I love all the red and white :)

    I have found it a bit weird decorating the house for Christmas this year when we won't actually be home for the holiday period...but I've done it anyway!

    xx Karen

  10. Love your decorations Fiona, especially the baubles in the scales - and what you wrote rang very true for me. I didn't worry so much before blogging, but now I spend a little more time and effort. That said, I don't have a load of decorations, and would rather have a few gorgeous pieces rather than tinsel overkill! I did think I would make a wreath tonight, but when I finally sat down I realised I don't have everything to make it! At this rate I might have it done by Christmas Eve!

  11. Your photos are always stunning Fiona! I'm a big seasonal decorator and like you am more inspired by bloggers than anything. It's so nice that we can inspire each other with our decorating. If you ask your florist, they can make a boxwood wreath for your door. You should have a go!
    Ness xx


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