Monday, December 17, 2012

Wall Drawing and a Tablecloth Winner

We had a wonderful weekend mainly centred around our street party on Saturday night. So many of our street neighbours gathered in front of our house and our friends' next door. We put on a BBQ and everyone brought a plate of something delicious so there was a lot of food, drink and neighbourly cheer.  There were hoards of kids playing on the footpath with scooters, handballs and colouring in.  One thing I really love about living in Sydney's inner west is the community spirit which I think is a direct result of our small landsize and smallish houses and that most houses don't have garages so we all park on the street in front of our houses and see each other unloading the groceries etc. The kids play with each other on the footpath and we all spend a lot of time at local parks as no one has a huge backyard.

thank goodness for Pinterest for inspiration.
We put up a lot of fairy lights around our house and I thought our front wall looked a little bare so I got out my chalk pen and drew this on it. I'm hoping it comes off ok and I don't have to repaint the wall in the New Year! 

My daughter did the reindeer on the pot plant. It's very cute.

I posted this on facebook earlier, the winner of the French Stripe tablecloth is:

Rachel de Hosson

After I posted this I realised I'd misspelt Rachel's last name and apologised and she wrote back immediately "WHO CARES!" I think she's very excited to be receiving this table cloth.  If you missed out and are disappointed, feel free to buy one from here. I've decided to sell them for less, so they are even more of a bargain.

I'll be back in the morning with a lovely vintage TV cabinet I painted.

Fiona xx

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