Sunday, March 17, 2013

5 things I'm loving right now

sydney beach sunset

One: Late afternoons on the beach. It seems that Sydney is packing in the sunshine before winter sets it. Summer continues to linger here with beautiful long afternoons spent on the beach. Yesterday we headed over to one of our favourite beaches, Shark Beach. We swam for ages then had a delicious dinner of fish, chips and Greek salad on the shore and watched as the golden sunshine slipped into a beautiful hazy twilight.

Two: Sibling Love - I love it when my kids really get on well together. My kids have their normal fights and arguments but mostly they are great together and very caring to one another. Yesterday at the beach after we'd eaten, Phil and I sat on the cafe deck and watched our kids play on the shore. The kids were just gorgeous, playing on an old pipeline and letting the waves crash over them. They told us later they were making up funny stories and using British accents. "Would you like a cup of tea?" as the waves broke over them. 

Holding hands and giggling together.  
Happiness all round.

I am very close to my sister as well as to my step-siblings, so I love this beautiful relationship between the kids. Long may the peace last (I'll probably be pulling my hair out over them fighting again soon.)

Three: Good Neighbours ... and these flowers. We are blessed with really great neighbours all around us. It's a wonderful community here.  Our immediate neighbours next door bought us these lilies yesterday as thanks for helping them out last week when they were sick. The lilies were unexpected and unnecessary but they are very lovely and brighten up our kitchen. (I am loving the clean kitchen also!)

Four: Scented Candles. I often have a scented candle burning in the kitchen. Kathy, the across the road neighbour, gave me this beautiful Gardenia one. It seems to go on forever. I have it burning for hours a day and it's only half gone. The breeze through the house means the whole house smells beautiful.  

Yesterday I had a vanilla candle lit, just a cheap one but with a lovely scent.  I had my camera out to take some photos of the lilies and went into the kitchen and found my son mesmerised by the flame. It must have taken all his self control to not blow the flame out. He was there watching the candle and drawing with his finger on the bench for ages.  So sweet when you can take photos of your kids without them realising.

Five: Organic Coconut Butter.  A friend put me onto Organic coconut butter a few years ago. I mainly use it as a facial and body moisturiser but I should eat it and cook with it more. Some of the benefits of organic coconut butter are: it boosts immunity, kills bacteria and viruses, protects against cancer and other degenerative diseases, helps with weight loss, and prevents osteoporosis by promoting calcium absorption. It also slows down ageing and is good for skin radiance.  I love how my skin feels after using it and it's cheap and this bottle has lasted me for years. Empty now, so I'll have to get some more.

What are you loving now?

Fiona xx


  1. There is so much to be grateful for but sibling love seems rare over here so that would be nice

  2. What a feel-good post. Aaaah. Thank you. x KL

  3. Gorgeous photos as always - and I love a bit of sibling love too :)

  4. The weather has been beautiful, I love that and I love your blog and these photos. Your kids look super cute. I am also loving having a week off work this week so I'm taking it slow this morning and catching up on my favourite blogs over a cup of coffee sitting in the sunshine on our deck.
    Have a lovely day, Fiona

  5. Hi Fiona, It looks like you have had a beautiful weekend. I love how grateful you are for your life. We had a weekend away in the mountains and it was very pretty and so relaxing. Our kids also get on very well and I love seeing them being kind to one another. great post. Karen x

  6. My boys are finally starting to form a lovely friendship, it's a joy to watch. I too have wonderful neighbours, we would be lost without them. It sounds like you have some wonderful things in your life at the moment.

  7. gorgeous shots of your kids at neilsen park! a place we spent a lot of time at when our kids were that age.

  8. Such a wonderful post. I use coconut oil for cooking and as a moisturizer. It does have more benefits than people realize. Your flowers and candles are perfect:)



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