Monday, March 4, 2013

World Map Mural Walls

Take me away....

I am a bit fascinated by maps...always have been, and never grown out of it. I think it's the youthful backpacker that is still remnant in me .. hidden beneath the domesticity, motherhood and corporate-ness of these last twenty years.  I'm dreaming of being carefree, with my backpack and passport and hiking boots and  one of our many Lonely Planet guides and hitting the road for a few months....(actually I used to always back pack with my water colours and my camera also and barely any clothes).  Well with two primary school aged kids and a mortgage and upcoming renovations and a business to run open ended roaming of the world is not going to happen so I'll have to settle for some map gazing....

....I especially love these big colourful maps with bright blue oceans and green lands.  So I'm a bit in love with a map feature wall.  I am toying up with using one in my son's bedroom when we renovate. 

A friend recently bought an amazing house and her son's bedroom already had a huge map wall and another chalkboard wall. Talk about not needing to decorate!

Here are some other examples I've found on the internet. Credits can be found by clicking on the photo.

So a lot more colourful than anything I currently have in my house but I think for a little boys room it's just perfect.  If you are interested in buying a map wall mural in Australia here are some sources I have found (but not recommending or sponsored by)

What do you think of this as a decorative feature wall?  
Does it make you want to book a holiday?

Fiona xx


  1. I love these Fiona, I would absolutely do it if I could convince my husband! Not sure about hanging wall paper though...

  2. These look fabulous Fiona and I definitely think they'd look great in your beautiful house. Just the right amount of eclecticness. Id love to hear about your travels one day

  3. I do love maps, in particular, globes, I love the perspective they give.

    I bought Geoff a large world map for a gift back when we first met, and he stuck pins in it of his travels. Sad to say though with a few moves in a few years we haven't got it back up is on my to-do list!

    I think the map murals are ok if you have a really large space to show them off but give them a few years and they'll probably look as dated as my newly 'planked' wall lol!!

    xx Karen

  4. My favourite is the framed map. There was recently a beautifully built home here for sale that was owned by a dr, it had the most amazing children's bedrooms, the girls each had a little stage to dance on and beautiful wallpaper, one of the boys had the world map as a feature wall, It looked fabulous, such a great idea. Now if only I'd had the $$$$!

  5. Yes, I love this idea too. The whole wall map is definitely the most spectacular but I was too chicken and have bought an antique-school looking version from Temple & Webster. Am waiting on delivery now! x KL

  6. i like the map in the bedrooms but not the lounge room.-love dee x

  7. I love it the maps!!!! I had a wonderful mural in my realestate foyer and it always was a talking point. Karen

  8. Ah, map walls. I love them too. Ikea used to sell a huge mural hanging of a map and I wish I had of bought one! I'm still looking for the perfect one for my son's room!

  9. We have this map on our son's bedroom wall and the rest of the room is painted a light blue to match one fo the blues in the ocean sections. We are planning to sell our house and our realtor thinks we should take to mural down because some people might not like it. Should we? Please give me your opinion.... our home is large with lots of kid bedrooms in a very family oriented neighborhood. I think the majority of people looking at our house will have children and will love the map on the bedroom wall. What do you think??? Email:


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