Thursday, March 14, 2013

What I'm working on

It's been one of those weeks. I've been a bit busy with furniture, with a few tricky pieces but they are all turning out well in the end, fingers crossed.  I think that's one of the biggest lessons I've learnt when painting, is to not get put off half way through a paint job when it's not looking too good and you are struggling. Changing things around, using a different technique or different paint or even just keep on going can almost always rectify your problem.

I'm almost finished the beautiful country sideboard that I'm painting for a lovely couple who found me though a blog reader, Mandy and Mike. (Thanks Pam for passing on my details) Here's the before shot and once I've bought new hardware and put the doors back on I'll share the finished piece.  Goodbye country cottage...

I've also just finished a sweet chair for a previous customer, Gloria. She hasn't decided on the fabric for the seat pad but wanted the chair painted a creamy white so I used my precious stash of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White. The chair has been waxed and light distressed and I think will look very pretty once it's all assembled again.  Gloria recently bought an old police station up near Oberon and is turning it into a B&B. Several pieces of my furniture will grace the rooms. I'll share the details of it all soon, if you are interested in a weekend away.

I am also doing painting some beach house furniture for a new customer. Louise and her husband have recently bought a place in beautiful Whale Beach. My uncle lived there for many years in a house filled with surfboard furniture - such a relaxed vibe (he's such a hippy surfer dude) . For Louise, I'm painting 2 cube bedside tables and a bench. They are dark Balinese furniture that I'm painting bright white for a beachy theme.  I'm dealing with bleed though galore - almost under control now. I'll share photos once it's all finished.

I'm also repairing my dining room chandelier that now has two broken connections and I'm doing up a beautiful pair of French style iron lamps. I'll be listing them for sale soon. If I needed more lamps I'd definitely keep them but I already have several pairs of lamps around the house.  If you are looking for some lamps, stay tuned. These are stunning.

I'm juggling my furniture painting with business consulting work for a few different clients. It's a really good mix as I work on my consulting work while I'm waiting for the paint to dry!  (and sorting the laundry, cleaning the house, prepping dinner, taxi duties and kids sporting activities and my own swim squad..yada yada yada.. same as what you all have to do no doubt).  It's a balance isn't it, but working from home makes a huge difference to getting it all done.  I think next time around, I'll come back as a puppy. They certainly have the life!

Yesterday I was struggling with a few things and felt like never painting furniture again. I rang Sandy from Paint Me White and she laughed at that suggestion. My lack of proper workshop and also the hot weather (not good for painting) was getting to me. But a cooler day today and finishing a couple of pieces, I'm back on it again.  I have to get a wriggle on with our renovations so I have a studio!

What have you been up to - same old routine or something interesting?  Go on, make me envious!

I'm off to cook dinner (and have a glass of wine)

Enjoy your evening

Fiona xx


  1. I am ready to start sanding then painting a small desk in a dark wood in perfect condition which I bought for $30 at Paraquad in Perth. It has moulding on the drawers and really nice handles. I will be painting it white for my daughter's bedroom for her computer (it is only a small desk and very cute).

  2. You are a miracle worker - honestly I don't know how you get this stuff looking so amazing. You have the patience of a saint! BTW, I bought a console so that Ikea chest is up for sale. If you want it it's yours, otherwise it'll go on Ebay. Let me know.

  3. I am procrastinating on my bamboo side table/bookself/80's relic and I really need to get on with it!

    I am sitting here wondering how I will survive the next two weeks with the insane stuff that is filling up my calendar. Relaxing with a beer and thinking I will worry about it all tomorrow!

    Great post! xx

  4. fun stuff! i would like to come back as a puppy, too... as long as i get an owner who loves heir dogs as much as we do!

  5. A puppy really is a good option isn't it!


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