Monday, July 15, 2013

Life is Butterful

About a year ago a neighbour gave me an old filing cabinet that had seen better days. I painted the outside in white paint and the drawer fronts with chalkboard paint and listed it for sale. 

Chalk Board filing cabinet by Lilyfield life

It sold pretty quickly and Joni, and her fiancĂ© Nick, came to pick it up. We got chatting about blogs and Joni said she had just started a food blog. I checked it out at the time and fell in love with her recipes, her styling and her photography. I've been meaning to share it with you ever since. Joni contacted me last week to see if I would be interested in hiring out some furniture for events and it prompted me to let you know about her beautiful blog.

Life is Butterful

Joni only blogs about once a fortnight but each post is definitely worth waiting for. A visual feast with recipes for an actual feast. She is one talented lady.

Joni is passionate about food styling and photography (you can hire her for freelance sessions) and also runs an event styling business,  Autumn Avenue.

I still haven't made it to the Grounds for lunch or even coffee, but looking at Joni's beautiful post about it I am definitely going to have to go soon and take my camera. Perhaps we should all have a meet up there together? Anyone else in Sydney who is interested in exploring it? We should make a date.

The grounds Alexandria

The grounds Alexandria

Delicious recipes for all occasions

Berry Cheesecake by Life is Butterful

Homemade Lemonade by Life is Butterful

This post about Nick's pancakes caught my eye when I first looked at Life is Butterful. I have a major thing for the union jack. I am inspired by Joni's layout and photography. So good to learn from watching what talented people do.

Union Jack & Pancakes by Life is Butterful

You can follow Joni on facebook here also.

I hope you enjoy hearing about other blogs that inspire me. I get blown away sometimes by the beauty of other people's creativity. It's so good to hear about people doing interesting things. I love the Internet for making that all so freely accessible.

If you have a blog that you'd love to share, either your own or someone else's, then please leave a link to it below in the comments.

Fiona xx


  1. Wow it's all lovely. Thanks for sharing. Hope you are feeling better Fiona.
    Beth x

  2. The Grounds looks amazing!!! what a great place to eat! And love the little filing box! Oh and I love the name, Life is Butterful!

  3. Love a new blog to look at! Great photography too!

  4. Well I went to the Grounds Friday week ago lol...sort of...Sydney being Sydney, we couldn't get a car park anywhere in the vicinity and believe me we tried! We were all starving after an early start from home that morning so went to a mall food court instead :( I was a bit gutted because it looks amazing. Next time we'll catch a cab there!

    I'd be interested to know your terms and charges for hiring out your items, I've been approached recently too and haven't decided whether it is worth it or not all things considered.

    xx Karen

  5. the Grounds look great , as does Joni's blog. I'll go check it out
    K xx

  6. I love beautiful photos, what a gorgeous blog. Thanks for sharing, I love seeing what others get up to. And I'd meet you for coffee if I were closer! :)

  7. Her photos are absolutely fabulous! I'll have to follow her, so that I don't miss anything! Thanks for sharing it!

  8. Good to hear about a "local" blog! I'm always up for a new place to have coffee!!! but being in Qld it is just a bit too far away to travel from (although distance would be no option if my lovely husband gave me a "driver" and pots of cash!!!). I've heard great things about hiring out your furniture for displays, although better if you can link up with someone with similar stuff to you to share the load.

  9. What a great idea for an old filing cabinet. My can of chalk paint is ready and waiting. I almost made it to The Grounds last Saturday but it was closed by the time my son's futsal trial had finished. Have been wanting to go for ages so would definitely be up for a group visit. Are you going to the Digital Parents Sydney drinks on the 27th?

  10. Wish I still lived in Sydney!... Used to love visiting The Grounds!

  11. Wow! You are right one very talented lady.

    At Home Vintage

  12. The Grounds looks fantastic and would come from Ryde to meet for coffee and a walk around ! I need to venture out of the north side of Sydney!

  13. Hi, my blog is
    I have only been doing it a few months and it is about sewing stuff and painting stuff!


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