Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Life Lately

Last week I drove to Eden with the kids (and of course our travelling companion, Charlie our cavoodle) to meet up with my sisters and their kids for a little holiday. 

The countryside of the far south coast is so beautiful. We stopped at Tilba as we always do, to take photos of the sunset and dusk over the green field. This is the area where Hugh of River Cottage fame has bought a property for the Australian version of the show. You can see why - prime farming countryside.

There is something about the vivid green countryside that makes my heart soar and mind relax. 
Maybe because I know I'm nearing my home town.

Our time in Eden was lovely although Jonty and I spent most of time sick - a long way to drive to spend 3 days in bed.  We missed out on a whale watching trip and a rock hopping afternoon out at Haycock in Ben Boyd National Park but Sasha and her cousins and aunts had a great time.

I did drag myself down to the main beach one morning - I just had to take in some of this beauty before I headed back to Sydney.

and to the wharf and lookout

The view above used to be almost the same as the one out of my bedroom window for several years in my teens. Isn't it magnificent. I wish I had a view like that now!

Nothing like time with cousins for happy play.
lots of running, kicking footballs, nail salons, making movies, and laughter from these kids.

As is tradition, my step sister's mum came over one night to make gnocchi with all the kids. Man it was delicious.  Such good simple food.

It's great to see the kids so interested in the making of the gnocchi, well most of the girls anyway, the other kids had all gone on a hike along the beach and rocks so came back with a great appetite.

Next time I head home I'm going to make sure I don't get sick and miss out on most of the fun...

The kids are back to school this morning so I'd best get on with making the lunches and helping them shine their school shoes.

Fiona xx


  1. Wait . . there's going to be an Australia version of River Cottage??? I was just looking through his website today and love who real and simple all his recipes are.

    1. it's already started Liz, Foxtel Lifestyle channel on Thursday 830pm. it's so good. Do you have Foxtel?

  2. i want to live there! it looks magically beautiful!!! enchanting! can i move in?

  3. Oh it is so beautiful. No wonder you like the countryside if that is where you grew up. Hope you are all better now, lovely Fiona.
    x Brigette

  4. Beautiful photos Fiona. I love that part of Australia, thanks for sharing. Hope you are better soon

  5. So many beautiful images! Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to our overdue coffee in the morning :) ! Mx


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