Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Works in progress: Lilyfield Life

Hi, I'm down in Melbourne for a few days to stay with my sister in law before she gives up her beautiful corporate apartment right on Southbank and heads back to Sydney. I really wanted to see the Monet exhibition as he is one of my favourite artists (probably everybody's) and so Phil suggested I fly down for a little mid week getaway. Initially I said I had too much work on but managed to juggle everything including working 12 hours last Sunday to get my work done and so here I am - husband free, kid free and loving it! For a few days anyway.

Photos from our last trip as I haven't downloaded any yet from this trip.

I completely sold out of all my painted furniture last weekend. Thank you to all my lovely customers. It's such a joy that people like my painting and that I actually sell stuff! (and what's best about that is I can keep on doing more). I love seeing photos of my furniture in your homes.

I have a few new pieces under way but I didn't get to finish them before I left. I thought you might like to see what's in the works.

A stunning cabinet that started out in Mount Kosciuszko - probably in a lodge somewhere - it had a weird hutch one the top that I will do something with and it was badly sun damaged and a bit of a weird construction.  I have fixed the construction and painted it white. I will probably leave it undistressed as I love the clean lines. I will finish and take proper photos of it when I'm home again.

I also am working on a beautiful vintage French single bed. It has been a bit of a challenge as it was a little damaged and filthy dirty - including lots of chewing gum on the bedpost. Can you believe it? I had that old song in my head for a whole afternoon. The photo below against the blue wall is after I'm already scrubbed it for half an hour. I didn't get a complete "before" photo as you would have vomited.

This is the bedpost at the foot complete with gum. I think it is going to be beautiful all freshly painted and made up with frilly white linen.

I am painting it a mixture of greys and white. Cleaning off the gunk also helped in the beauty stakes.

I am also working on this mirror. I need to find some wood to finish off the base. It's such a beautiful shape.

Anything you like the look of?

And have you been to the Monet exhibition?
I'm so excited!

Fiona x


  1. Oh I love Melbourne (and Monet) - hubby's there now on business and I wanted to piggy-back him down but he said "no, we have a kitchen to build", so I thought I'd rather have a kitchen than a few days in Melbourne (sigh)! Enjoy your stay!

  2. seriously you find the most gorgeous frenchy pieces! and oh your trip sounds amazing!

  3. Wow that bed head is gorgeous! And chewing gum!!!! Awful

  4. They are amazing pieces and that bed is going to be gorgeous! Although the chewing gum is gross! Enjoy Melbourne I love it and enjoy the Monet exhibition..


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