Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Another pair of bedside tables!

I started painting these more ornately but then they decided to tell me they wanted to be all white...they could have told me before I'd painted two coats of a darker colour. 

Saying that, I think the white is perfect. These are such pretty and practical bedside tables. Good sized drawers for lots of storage, which if you are like me in an old house, you can never get enough of. Do we just own too many possessions these days? Obviously yes.  Our own bedside tables store our clothes that don't fit into our wardrobe. I've got mine jam-packed with painting clothes...which are kind of overtaking my whole wardrobe. Paint on everything these days.

I love the mouldings on these drawers - such a great shape. they are painted white with just very light distressing. If you wanted more you could easily sand off more paint and make it more dramatic. I'll leave it up to the buyer.

These have now been sold.

you can't really go past a white painted bedside table can you?

cheers Fiona


  1. Beautiful end tables. Love white. Great job......and with ya on the painted clothes! :)

    Locksley Lane

    1. thank Paula - yes the painted clothes are definitely taking over!!


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