Thursday, March 20, 2014


Do you follow FatMumSlim on Instagram and if so, do you partake in the #fmsphotoaday? I am a bit hit-and-miss with it to be honest. Sometimes I'll look at the day's topic and snap a pic but often I don't get around to it. However on Tuesday, I saw that the topic was #fiveyearsago and it got me thinking about what I was actually doing five years ago. I hadn't started painting furniture and had never thought  about having a blog. Actually I probably was hard pressed to know what a blog was.

I had painted some furniture (white of course!) in our house and lots of walls and skirtings and a bank of built in cabinetry for our lounge room but I certainly didn't know anything near what I know now. I had two little kids, one still at home and one in Kindergarten and was definitely not concerned about making my house pretty - making it clean was a big enough stretch.

My main work at the time was my business consultancy and the odd project management gig. I still do both things now but I never look for work in that field (but never turn it down when it comes my way either) so it's very sporadic but enjoyable when I do it.

Funny how you can totally change your life and your career in a relatively short space of time. Five years ago, I was not furniture obsessed at all and hadn't started Lilyfield Life. I am so grateful to have found a passion that I'm good at, to be able to earn a living from and to be able to work flexibly from home so I can be with my kids after school. 

Thank you to all my customers and supporters. I am very grateful every day.

By the way, today is International Happiness Day, go do something that makes you happy even if it's just taking time out for a cup of coffee in the sunshine or cuddling your kids a little longer than normal.

Fiona xx


  1. So wonderful to see where the last 5 yrs have led you! xo

  2. It's amazing what can happen in 5 years isn't it?

    And I love that it is International Happiness Day - I may need to remember that as I clean my algae infested pool today!


  3. beautiful work Fiona, well done on gaining such fabulous skills.

  4. so happy that you have found something you love! happy happiness day! ;)

  5. It was also hungry caterpillar day.. I didn't know that either until Friday!

  6. Congratulations on where you are now compared to five years ago! Its lovely to look back on such wonderful achievements and a thriving business on top that fits in with school hours and the kids! I am so nervous about painting any furniture as i think i will mess it up, i havent been able to start any project yet. one day! Happy happiness day! love CAtherinex


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