Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Weathered Wash Finish French Chest of Drawers

This is one of those pieces that I could have easily sold unpainted as the before was lovely - a few scratches but definitely in very good vintage condition. It had matching bedside tables that were in almost perfect condition and I sold those unpainted as is and my friend who bought them was delighted and when she saw this wanted it as well but I had already sold it to Karen, who has been after a Lilyfield Life piece for a while. I actually had 5 people wanting to buy this French style chest of nine drawers - they are always very popular. So pretty and practical.

Here is the before photo of the drawers

and the after

Aren't the dahlias beautiful also.  So bold and bright - the perfect pop of colour against the muted grey of the drawers.

To get this lovely soft paint effect, I first cleaned the cabinet, removed all the hardware, lightly sanded then I painted the chest in ASCP French Linen and then waxed and washed with ASCP Pure White, wiping the damp paint off with a brush and rag as I went to get it a driftwood weathered effect. I then sanded and waxed again for extra smoothness and durability. The handles are painted white very lightly and waxed, pulling off some paint to show the metal.

One of my favourite things about this chest of drawers beside the beautiful scalloped front is the little jewellery receptacle in the centre top drawer. 

Karen bought this with the intention of putting it into her youngest two kids' room but when she saw the finished piece she has decided to rearrange her won bedroom to keep it herself. I would be doing that also!

Karen and her family drove from country NSW to pick up this beauty on Sunday and got caught going home in a big storm but luckily the piece was wrapped with about every spare blanket and towel Karen owned and they stopped about bought a tarp so it arrived home to Forbes all safe and dry. I'll look forward to seeing a photo sometime down the track when Karen has it all set up in her bedroom.

I've got lots of projects this week and 11 pieces of furniture in the next few weeks coming for custom paint jobs. I love that this little business of mine is growing and growing. I've got you all to thank for that and I'm ever appreciative.

Fiona xx

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  1. I'm going to try this. So you painted then waxed and then put the old white wash on. The paint goes on the wax ok?

  2. Gorgeous! I like the color combination of the linen and white. I am considering it for a couple of my pieces, so I am glad to see how it looks on this.

    1. thanks, you can't really go wrong with these colours can you

  3. Beautiful. I am working on a desk right now with Emile and 2 washes over. First Coco then old white. Will get pics up on the blog soon.


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