Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Around home

Good morning from Lilyfield on this rainy winter's day. A day for rugging up and doing some painting I think. Always a good day for painting :)  I finished this pair of vintage cedar bedside tables yesterday. They have been painted in ASCP French Linen and finished with liming wax for a lovely soft sheen. If you are interested just drop me an email or sms 0405766445.

Lime washed french bedside tables Lilyfield life

Lime washed french bedside tables Lilyfield life

We can now say we have fully finished out renovations. Every last corner is painted, hooray :) I can't tell you the relief to not have it hanging over our heads. I would much rather paint furniture than walls and windows.

Lilyfield life french lounge room

Lilyfield life french lounge room

I have some artwork getting framed to hang above this dresser upstairs in the landing. I recently did a little swap with Michelle from Sprout Gallery and I now am the proud owner of three of her prints. I can't wait to hang them.

Lilyfield Life white drawers

Even the front door got a new coat of paint to match the new trim and guttering. This is Dulux Basalt and its a very good grey as it has no green undertone, so in the evenings it doesn't look khaki.

Dulux Basalt front door

Charlie approves :)


The final room to take shape in the house was our study/guest room. I recently sold my desk and gave away our expedit bookcase and installed this long desk instead. The top is laminate from Austria and looks very much like the marble in our lounge room and laundry. I used IKEA slim drawers each end and then in the middle a lateral filing cabinet. The benchtop just rests on these and isn't wall mounted as our 120 year old lime plastered walls are terrible to drill into and can't take the weight.

desk idea benchtop marble

This lateral filing cabinet was a great find. I bought it second hand for $105 but it was brand new with tags still. I had to cut of the legs and build a plinth to get it the correct height for my desk and the i painted and gently distressed it.

french style filing cabinet Lilyfield Life

french style filing cabinet Lilyfield Life

It is now full of all my filing - it holds so much an I'm so pleased with how it all turned out. The long bench means that we can have the sewing machine set up permanently which means we are much more likely to use it :) Sash and I have been having fun. I will be making some cushions soon for sale.

Lilyfield Life french style dining room

french style bedroom Lilyfield life juju hat

Lilyfield life french lounge room

ikea farmhouse ceramic sink

fire pit

Hope you enjoyed the little house update. I am so happy with it all especially my studio which is such a nice place to work. Very blessed to have a supportive husband and kids.

Fiona xx


  1. Just stunning Fiona. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love your work its so inspiring.
    I am about to renovate several pieces I have at home and am using your advice on the blog, any tips for a beginner who is about to take on a lot of yellowing pine?
    Thank you!

    1. I have lots of tutorials on my blog for beginners painting. google Lilyfield Life how to paint vintage furniture and you'll find infomration
      or bring it to me and i can paint it for you!!

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