Saturday, July 16, 2016

Matching Pair : Pale Grey Chests of Drawers

Good morning: we are still on holidays. Our last day at Green Island today and despite the rain it's been very beautiful and peaceful here. We have done a bit of snorkeling even in the rain. We swam right over a huge green turtle which was just magical. 

The sunsets and sunrises are also magical. Worth getting up early for. I love the beach in the early morning. So quiet and good for the soul. 

We are heading to the outer reef today for some more snorkeling. The kids are hoping to see a dugong. I'm hoping no one gets sea sick :) 

Okay...back to painted furniture makeovers. I recently painted a matching chest of drawers that I bought from a guy in Coogee. They were quite modern but very well made and an interesting shape. I had some good customers wanting a matching pair of drawers for their guest room so I offered the set to Rach and Luke. They wanted something soft and pale so I suggested a pale grey chalk paint with white wash finish. 

 And before : 

To achieve this look I gave the pieces a good sand and I primed them as there were a few spots where I thought it would bleed through. I then painted the chests in a pale grey chalk paint. For this I actually used a mix of greys and whites: the end of tins but you could easily achieve this look with ASCP Paris Grey. I then white washed it with watered down white chalk paint and once it was all dry, I used liming wax to seal it. Below are the drawers in Rach and Luke's guest room. They swapped over the crystal handles which I had just used for the photographs.  

I'm looking forward to getting back into painting next week. Thanks for all your lovely comments and emails. I'll respond individually once I'm home.

Fiona xx

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  1. Hi Fiona

    What do you use for your liming wax? Thankyou for the glorious photos


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