Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Lime washed chest of drawers

It is always good to have a little holiday and time away from your business. I hadn't realised how tired Phil and I both were. Isn't it funny that when you stop and rest you actually feel more tired. I been had an afternoon sleep yesterday which is just very unusual for me. Palm Cove is such a pretty, peaceful place and we are loving our time here. 

Good friends of ours from Sydney were holidaying in Port Douglas and came to our resort for lunch and a swim today. Great to catch up when we are all so relaxed. We are off to Green Island tomorrow for a few days and will be sorry to leave here although I'm sure we are in for a treat on the island also. 

I thought I'd share a recent project. I had a nice shaped chest of drawers that were pine and modern with metal runners. Not the vintage pieces I normally work on but a good practical piece. I thought it would look good with a limed finish (possibly to make up for its pine-ness). 

lime wash finish chest of drawers in chalk paint by lilyfield life

For this piece, I gave it a good clean and light sand and painted two coats of a beautiful taupe chalk emulsion then once it was all dry I used a white liming wax to give it a beautiful subtle limed finish. 

lime wash finish chest of drawers in chalk paint by lilyfield life

I replaced the timber knobs with pretty crystal handles. So much nicer. 

lime wash finish chest of drawers in chalk paint by lilyfield life

Here's the before. I actually bought it as a full bedroom set but sold the bedsides separately.

The bedside tables were bought as a custom paint job and I painted them in ASCP country grey and dark waxed them. 

I would love to hear from you if you are still reading. I know I've been erratic with my blog and that's against all blogging rules isn't it :) 

It's very nice to sunbake by the pool and write a blog post when I'm taking a break from reading my book. Maybe it's time to order a mojito :) 

Chin chin
Fiona xxx


  1. Such an amazing transformation Fiona, well done x

  2. Hi Fiona,
    Yes, still keen to get your posts. Your work is very beautiful and always such a joy to see. (Having said that, your own life is your priority, and your time with family most precious. Life will go on if you give the blog away in favour of Instagramme and FB).
    Have a great break!

  3. Hi Fiona, yes still enjoying your posts. Your holiday looks lovely and I am always happy to see your beautiful painting projects. I have painted several pieces with Annie Sloan chalk paint but am not very good at waxing them. Will persevere and hope to improve! Enjoy the rest of your break.

  4. Like how all came out! Have a fun and relaxing time!

  5. You can be assured I'm still reading! Everyone needs some downtime and with all you've had on your plate this last year, take it easy and we will see you when you are back home, hopefully rejuvenated!

  6. I do subscribe to quite a few blogs, but I would say that I don't read all of them as some are not always topics that interest me. But when it comes to the wonderful Fiona I never miss reading them. I know that you aren't blogging as often as you used to, that is understandable as your family and business grows. Your family should come first.
    I would love to keep reading your blog, and I will be happy to see it in my mailbox whenever you can.
    I do check FB and Instagram when I remember to but there is always something comforting to find a Lilyfield Life post in my inbox.
    Take care and enjoy the rest of your holiday.

  7. I'm here! You are on my list and I'm always so happy to see a new post from you! I hear you about being erratic with blogging...I haven't written a post since February! I don't know that I really have much new to offer, you know? Enjoy your time away with your hubby! xoxo Robin

  8. Stunning, always here :)


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