Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Marble consoles, sideboard and drawers - super lovely

I have been so happy painting lately - loads of energy and happiness. I'm taking some extra time to take care of myself and it's rewarding me tenfold. Not that I don't always have high energy but I feel like I'm on fire lately. Keep it coming, I say :)

hand painted furniture Lilyfield Life

Here are some lovely pieces I finished this week already. I hope you still enjoy seeing my painted pieces. 

This beautiful sideboard sold from the before photo. Danielle bought it and wow, what an easy customer she was - she basically showed me photos of her bedroom and asked for a taupe/grey. I mixed up this beautiful colour for her using Annie Sloan chalk paints. This piece needed a few little repairs and lots of sanding but it's so beautiful. Check out the details on the legs.

french sideboard ASCP lilyfield Life

These drawers will be used as a change table for the baby Cristina and Rob are expecting. First child for them so lovely times ahead.  The drawers are so beautiful, very old. The handles were nailed in so it was challenging to get them off but it makes painting that much easier and more professional to not paint around handles. I will always removed handles if possible - even when I have painted handles on the finished piece I will remove them so I get a nice clean brush sweep across the drawer front.

vintage white drawers chest Lilyfield Life

vintage white drawers chest Lilyfield Life

I bought this console below yesterday and had it painted and sold last night. This sort of piece is one I could easily keep and then we wouldn't be able to move in our house as it would be too full of furniture so I need to sell these asap so I'm not tempted :)
The slab of marble is so beautiful. I painted the table base in ASCP Graphite and then touched the ormolu with gold to give it a little pizzazz. The mirror sold also. All so beautiful.

french style marble console Lilyfield Life

french style marble console Lilyfield Life

vintage gold mirror lilyfield life

Aren't I lucky to love my work so much. I have a couple of friends who aren't loving their jobs at the moment (corporate) and I feel so blessed to have left that city life and be doing my own thing. Such a leap of faith but so good if you can make it work.

Fiona xx


  1. Hi Fiona

    I’ve been receiving your blogs for a little while now but have never sent you a note (sorry, better late than never!) – although I did meet you briefly when I picked up one of you wicker wreaths (which I see in one of your pics) – still loving it.

    Anyway, just want to compliment you on your beautiful work – I always find myself nodding in agreement with your comments as you give new life to old pieces – it’s wonderful and your transformations are stunning. Particularly love the little marble top table in graphite below – just gorgeous.

    Well done and very pleased you remain inspired to continue.

    Best regards


    1. Thanks so much Ros,
      Sorry for the delay in responding –I’m so behind with emails.
      Really appreciate hearing from you and hope you had a lovely Christmas and New year
      All the best for 2017
      Thanks Fiona


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