Monday, November 21, 2016

Peonies, oak drawers and a lovely weekend

peonies Lilyfield Life

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. We had a quiet one but it was so enjoyable. Farmers markets, kids sport, house cleaning, gardening, pottering, seeing friends and a little work. Sounds perfect to me. We even went and saw a movie on Saturday afternoon (Fantastic Beasts which was great fun). I love it when you go to a movie that you haven't heard anything about so have no expectations and it ends up being so good. 

Phil's older sister came to dinner last night which was lovely especially as Phil cooked (roast chicken).  Food always tastes better when someone else cooks.  After dinner we walked through Callan Park and the kids threw tennis balls for Charlie and it was just a perfect evening.  

callan park

cavoodle dog charlie

callan park

jacaranda in callan park

The farmers markets flower stall was full of peonies  - $25 for two bunches so I splurged. I absolutely marvel at these flowers. So frilly and pretty. All that effort to attract bees. Nature is so good. 

peonies Lilyfield Life

  I had fun using them to style up a chest of drawers I sold on the weekend.  A lovely old oak dressing table - I removed the mirror and just sold it as a chest of drawers.

french linen oak drawers by lilyfield life

Painted in a base of ASCP French Linen then several wash coats of lighter greys and whites. finished in clear wax.

peonies Lilyfield Life

Here's the before photo. I would have liked to keep the brass handles unpainted on this piece but they were nailed in and impossible to removed so i made life easy for myself and painted them.

vintage oak drawers

I stayed up painting last night till 11pm so i'm feeling a little tired this morning but I have a few pieces heading out tonight and wanted another coat of paint on them for it to dry overnight before waxing them this morning.  Coffee is good :)

Hope you had a good weekend also.

have a lovely day.

peonies Lilyfield Life

peonies Lilyfield Life

callan park lilyfield

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