Friday, November 4, 2016

Secret compartments and massive gold frame

It's great when a piece of furniture offers something that you didn't know about when you buy it. I found a little book case recently and it wasn't till I started cleaning and sanding it that I realised it had a secret compartment. The seller didn't even know about it.  Under the bottom shelf this old bookcase has a secret metal lock box. Shame it didn't come stuffed with cash, just two American dimes. The whole piece is very old and hand made. I really debated what colour to paint it - I was tossing up between stately black or beachy taupe. In the end I decided to go with the black and a pale grey interior.

Love this handmade piece. The piece has already sold

I also have for sale a massive gold carved timber frame. This is a perfect piece to turn into a blackboard or mirror.  Also perfect for a shop or events planner.
85w x 125h cm

Today I'm out looking for new pieces for my inventory and also I will spend some time painting to finish up a lovely cocktail cabinet. 
enjoy your day
Fiona xx 

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  1. The bookshelf looks great in the black, Fiona. Always looks classy. Pairing it with the lighter colour seems to flash to pianos and tuxedos, for me!

    This is amazing timing! I'm just converting two chests of drawers into cabinets, PLUS have been trying to find a place, out of sight, to store a couple of things! I've tossed around many ideas, but this will suit my purposes really well. Now, to find such a cash box! I take it it's just screwed onto the underside of the shelf?? The back of the shelf isn't hinged though, but just has the cabinet door closure thingy on, like the front??
    Thanks Fiona. Hope your day is going well!
    Cheers, Liz.


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