Monday, March 18, 2019

Before and after Fusion ash bedside tables

These bedsides sold before painting and my customer asked for them in Fusion Mineral Paint Ash, distressed finish and waxed. 

fusion ash bedside tables Lilyfield Life fusion ash bedside tables Lilyfield Life

The interiors I painted in a putty coloured satin enamel.  These were so clean and nice walnut stained timber so probably didn’t need painting but what the customers asks for, the customer gets.  My customer supplied new handles to complete the look. I’m pretty sure these are available at Bunnings. Really nice with the Ash. 

fusion ash bedside tables Lilyfield Life

Here are the before photos. Nice and solid but the tops were damaged and all just so orange. I sanded these down completely to bare timber. Always makes me happy when all the damage is sanded off.

Just a note you may be able to see in the before photo that the seller had used sticky tape to close the drawers. It’s really important to remove all sticky residue before painting. Gum or stickiness really will mess with your paint adhesion.

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