Tuesday, March 12, 2019

When your friends buy your furniture

Recently my beautiful friend Jenny who lives in Brisbane bought quite a few pieces of furniture from me and had them shipped to her home. Jenny and I met when we were in our late 20s - at Banana Bungalow - a slightly dodgy but extremely fun hostel in West Hollywood. I was backpacking by myself up the west coast of the US then heading to London and Europe for a year. Jenny and her (now our) friend Jodie were also heading to London to work and had stopped off in LA. We all got on like a house on fire, hung out for a year in London then all eventually moved home to Australia, Jenny with an English husband and three girls.  Jodie now lives in Sydney and the three of us still have fun together.  

Jenny has been saying she wanted some of my pieces for years but I never expect my friends to buy pieces as most of us have fully furnished houses already. So last year when Jenny made some purchases I was pleasantly surprised. This is what she ended up buying. Beautiful pieces and I’m so thrilled for her to have them in her lovely home. 

Firstly Jenny bought these lovely white bedside tables. I painted these in a bright white chalk paint with a dark duck egg blue interior. They have a waxed finished and gently distressed. I can’t remember what the original handles were like (probably timber knobs) but I replaced them with these bronze cup handles. 

Jenny also mentioned she was on the lookout for something with a lot of storage for her dining room. A few days later I came across a fantastic piece from America. So well made and a beautiful shape. I painted the base either ASCP Graphite or Fusion Ash - it’s terrible but I can’t even remember now. I should take better notes :) and the top I sanded back and stained and sealed. The hardware i polished up for a regal look.

This piece was fantastic - it even had a removable tray for cutlery and a built in polishing cloth. Here is the before photo. 

Jenny also bought these beautiful side tables. I absolutely loves these- really unusual and pretty.

Isn’t it nice when one of your closest friends loves what you do and buys your stuff. It really thrilled me, to be honest. 

I also wanted to say thanks so much for all the beautiful messages about Beth’s unit and the furniture. I really appreciate your time to respond and your kind words.

Thanks so much
Fiona xx


  1. Wow Fiona they are such beautiful pieces: your lucky friend!


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