Monday, March 25, 2019

What I’m working on this week

Hi everyone, hope you had a lovely weekend. Ours was fun but tiring. Jonty’s party and sleep over Friday night, lunch with Phil’s mum and sisters on Saturday, they arrived literally an hour after the boys left so I t was a quick tirnaround) . And then yesterday up the coast for my dad’s birthday. Plus the kids have a lot of assignments and I had the usual furniture pickups and deliveries and I painted a mirror and we always seem to be doing house work and folding laundry. It never ends :) I was glad to hop into bed last night.

vintage mirror Lilyfield Life

This week I am finishing the kitchen island bench for Cathy. She now wants the top painted so that’s a lot of extra work.
Here’s where I’m at the moment: bases painted, apron primed, top needs sanding right back as it’s damaged.

I also am painting this little bar unit below - already sold to a lovely customer Elle. She’s going to use it to store her router etc in. 

And I also sold the second bookcase I sourced so that needs painting. These are all from the same seller. All English oak but stained so dark.

I also want to start a sideboard that I bought from a beautiful old lady. Maybe that’s all too high hopes :)

I have two pairs of bedsides, a hall table and a glazed cabinet all arriving tomorrow also. I’ll share photos soon. 
I also am planning on swimming my laps everyday. I’m really enjoying it and getting fitter. 

Enjoy your day.
Fiona xx


  1. Love the last piece you will work on and look forward to seeing it finished. Quite unique.


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