Thursday, January 16, 2020

Camping at The Basin, Pittwater

We recently needed a little escape but didn’t want to spend too much money so we went camping at The Basin, Pittwater for 3 nights. So good to get back to nature. 

Lots of people had huge set ups and stay for a month or so but we just had 3 tiny hiking tents, a small table, 4 chairs and an esky. Nice to travel lightly :) Especially when you can’t take cars to the Basin and have to cart everything there on the cute little ferry.  I wasn’t sure how my back would go camping but we had bought exped mattresses and they are brilliant. As comfortable as my bed at home to be honest. Not sponsored, we all just love them. Sasha has used the down one on snow camp and on the 20 day hike she did at the end of last year from mount kosciuszko to the Victorian coast. 

Stunning Bushland 

Funny how 3 days camping is more relaxing than a week at a holiday house. Maybe I just love a simple life :)

Have you been to the Basin? Are you a fan or camping or prefer 5 star ? 

Fiona xx

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