Friday, January 17, 2020

Pine bedsides in navy blue chalk paint

 I painted these modern pine bedside tables for Jenny. They are for her mother’s guest bedroom. She found them on gumtree and they are originally from Forty Winks so fairly modern. Below is the before photo so you can see what a big transformation the paint has given them. 
I also swapped over the modern silver handle to a crystal one. I gave these a good clean and gentle sand all over. I then primed and painted the interiors in a satin enamel in pale grey and the exterior I painted in three coats of a navy blue chalk paint for a nice opaque coverage, a good sand with super fine sandpaper and a wipe down and then two coats of a matte sealer. 

Such a smooth modern finish and they will look great in Jenny's mother’s house. Here’s the bedhead they are sitting next to. 

I love a simple makeover and seeing furniture reused and given a new life. So great for reducing landfill. 

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and hope you get to enjoy some down time 
Fiona xx

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