Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Vintage table restored with Jolie Graphite

vintage table Jolie graphite lilyfield life

Some before and afters are just fantastic. Claire brought me this table and it was in a BAD way. Veneer peeling off and she had started painting it and there were brush marks everywhere and the tanins had bled through her paint. 

One of my furniture painting friends said oh Fiona, I would throw that in the bin :) 
I removed all the veneer as there was no saving it. I used a scraper, a razor blade and a heat gun to do it. A lot of of came off very easily and I was going great guns but then of course I hit the hard parts and it took me hours and I was regretting my life choices and wondering why I wasn’t sitting at a desk in a beautiful suit in a corporate career :) 

Once I had finally got all the veneer off I thoroughly sanded them entire piece. Ply wood can be very rough and I wanted it to be super smooth ready for my paint.  I also always remove the leaves (the bit that fold down) when painting these tables so you can properly paint all the edges and underneath. A bit of a pain but worth it. 

vintage table Jolie graphite lilyfield life

Three coats of Jolie Paints graphite and three coats of a clear sealer later and it looked so different. Ready for another 100 years. 

vintage table Jolie graphite lilyfield life

vintage table Jolie graphite lilyfield life

Claire and her family were thrilled with it. 
I know I always say it but how good is paint. 
Fiona xx
vintage table Jolie graphite lilyfield life

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