Monday, January 4, 2021

My painted furniture from 2020

A little quick round up of most of my painted furniture from last year. While I didn’t blog much I was painting a lot of furniture. Over 300 pieces painted and sold: I was really surprised as I didn’t think I had done that many pieces.   Fantastic support from my lovely customers. Hope you enjoy the video, I know it’s fast, just a glimpse of my work. I’ll post some photos into another post at some stage.

Thank you to all my beautiful customers and to everyone who supports me in the form of commenting, liking a post or sharing my work, or sending furniture my way. I really appreciate you all. 

Happy new year. Hoping 2021 is good to you

Fiona xx 


  1. Well, my eyes are still flipping from all those fast photos, But I can tell you that I would love at least 250 of them!!! I JUST HAVE TO BUY ANOTHER HOUSE!!!! I used to sell painted furniture and really appreciate all the love and work that went into these beauties. Happy New Year and much more painting.

    1. Thank you so much!! You are so kind.
      Happy new year xxx


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