Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Roses from my garden

We have a tiny garden but it’s a good size for the inner west and we have made it an oasis of green. I can’t claim much credit for it, I did do the brickwork for the garden beds and build the bbq table but Phil is the green thumb in the household. I initially just wanted green and white plants in the garden, no other colour at all but I have relented in the last few years and Phil has planted me some David Austen roses.

This one is called Mary Rose and I love it. It’s only a young plant but I have high hopes for it. We also ordered a boscobel rose but it must have died during transport as it never transplanted well. Phil will order me another one next season. Second time lucky perhaps.

I used one of the roses on this cake below for my mother in laws birthday recently. Not the best cake as we were really rushed but at least the rose looks pretty. ❤️ Beth was very happy with the cake and attention so that’s what counts anyway.

The rose below is really special to me, it’s a Pierre du Ronsard that my beautiful dad bought for me for my 50th birthday. The roses are perfection.

Here are some other photos of roses from the garden 

 We also have 3 white icebergs 

Do you have any David Austen roses? Aren’t they gorgeous? 

Have a lovely day
Fiona xx

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